Appreciation….a divine attribute

Appreciate often and criticise rarely. Let us adopt this mantra and let divinity flow through us in the form of kind words which not only heals the soul but also enables a person to be more and more productive in the long run.

Appreciation can do wonders with children as you never know where someone is stuck in life and a few words of praise and encouragement can instigate a change in one’s personality. Now a days we are so busy with technology that at times we miss those moments of appreciation which can boost someone’s development.

Let us all remind ourselves of our childhood when we gained appreciation in some form or the other which really enhanced our personality. Even as a grown up we require appreciation as it helps us to do our work in a more efficient manner but we often forget to do the same and keep our attention on nagging and finding faults.

First thing we need to understand is that whatever we expect from others we need to behave in the same manner. Many a times out of jealousy we do not feel like appreciating and keep ourselves in a shell. So in order to come out of our shell we need to recognise the goodness in others and never ever stop ourselves to praise and never ever leave a chance to appreciate.

I have experienced it lot of times with my students that those who are praised and given encouragement from time to time tend to achieve more and come up with flying colours. Appreciation has always worked with my stubborn students who not only now started completing their work but also started showing results in the class. At times it becomes difficult to practice the same in the class but slowly and gradually I found out the ways to understand the child psychology which helped me to know them better. In this practice not only they gained but I have also become more patient and learnt several ways to deal with them.

We, as a responsible human being need to understand the importance of motivating others by encouraging and enlightening each other so that we can find out ways to be more productive and at the same time will be able to enhance belongingness amongst each other.

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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