Optimism…..a way of life

No one in the world can teach us to be optimistic till the time it does not come from inside. Our instinct is our best guide and help us to decide which approach is best for us, may it be our way of looking at life or our perspective towards the other people.

One thing is assured that the situations in life at times are so terrible that we automatically go on the pessimistic mode but it depends on us and our thinking that whether we need to be carried away by such conditions or we have to take the other way. The lines from Robert Frost’s poem, The Road not taken, are very relevant even today where he decided to take the road less travelled and which had made all the difference.

The path of optimism is not that which we will adopt from somewhere but it is a life long practice. In case of worse conditions or when the things are not working our way then it is obvious to get tensed. But at the same time it is important to pay attention towards the positive aspects of life which are often neglected by us when we are engrossed in the negative mindset. By being optimistic in our approach, it not only opens the doors of hope and positivity but also changes the people around us. At times just by taking initiative to complete a task which is challenging gives us a positive energy if we decide to do it in a positive manner. Just by being in our comfort zone and by being trapped in our own shell it is not possible for us to excel. So by taking a single step ahead we can make all the difference just by changing our attitude.

My experience, as a teacher, has given me lessons of optimism everyday. Students are by nature eternal optimist. If given a task they jump to do it with enthusiasm. They have that tendency of doing their best by learning. Little encouragement is enough for them to do the same. But we as elders often lack this enthusiasm in life and quickly become pessimistic. The fear of failure keeps us discouraged. So why not to approach the things in a positive manner?? Why not try to change our way of seeing the things?? Why not tilt our way of thinking a little bit?? I think the answer sometimes lies in the question only.

Today let us try to do every task at hand with enthusiasm and not out of burden. Lets try to accept that God has given us the chance to improve the life on this planet and we have the prowess to do it diligently. Let us contribute our bit by doing everyday tasks with love, care and affection. Slowly but surely, this approach will definitely help us to perform everything with positivity.

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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