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Setting Boundaries to help yourself

One of the main help one can do for oneself is to keep one’s mind healthy at any cost. Saving the mind at any cost is the mantra. Come what may we need to keep in mind that no one else has the authority to bother you until and unless we give them the opportunityContinue reading “Setting Boundaries to help yourself”

In laws…….blessing in disguise

Most argumentative amongst all….but I think that we owe a lot to the generation who did a hell lot of effort to bring their future generation to the level where we are today. I think day in and out they stayed on their toes to comfort our lives. If seen from the broader perspective, itContinue reading “In laws…….blessing in disguise”

life….an eternal bliss

No matter how often we sulk or how often we crib in day to day life but it will be wise to accept that yes, life…….our life is an eternal bliss. Count the bounties and you will realize that so much comfort is provided and we are taking everything for granted. Our mind has theContinue reading “life….an eternal bliss”

Effort……….one hope

Hey friends! Hope everyone is in high spirits. Effort, an indispensable part of our life, without which we can’t even think of doing anything. The major thing to mesmerize is that whether we are actually putting our effort in the right direction and in the constructive way or not. Many a times we have realisedContinue reading “Effort……….one hope”