Do not practice deception, even inadvertently. (Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji)

How many times we have heard of not following deception and how many times we have practiced it? These two questions if given attention and considered carefully would have changed the World’s scenario and the planet would have been a beautiful place to live in. In order to prove this right and in order toContinue reading “Do not practice deception, even inadvertently. (Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji)”

SILENCE……..A practice to mind our words

Hi friends Words, words and words! so much we speak on day to day basis. The moment we get up we start speaking endlessly. How many times we have thought that what we speak does it have any relevance or not. Over the years we have heard ‘Speech is silver and silence is golden’, butContinue reading “SILENCE……..A practice to mind our words”

Appreciation….a divine attribute

Appreciate often and criticise rarely. Let us adopt this mantra and let divinity flow through us in the form of kind words which not only heals the soul but also enables a person to be more and more productive in the long run. Appreciation can do wonders with children as you never know where someoneContinue reading “Appreciation….a divine attribute”

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