Motivation….A Wow Factor

Over the years I have realised that a motivated soul has the capacity to acquire more and perform more diligently as compared to people who are not. This is highly surprising to note that people are not ready to motivate others and I really do not understand why??? Is it so hard to motivate others by saying few words of appreciation? Today we are too engrossed in the hustle and bustle of life that we do not even have time to stop and convey few words of motivation to the people around us.

Children need it most. In the initial years of their schooling if they are motivated for performing a simplest of task, it can do wonders for them. But we as, so called wise grown ups often forget the importance of the same and keep on criticising them for their tiny mistakes. So there is no room left for the motivation. Somewhere down the years if we see and make out we would realise that we are passing on what we have already got.

One of my student named Abhishek whom I used to teach in class VI and now he is in class VII was an extremely introvert child. when I first met him in the class and called him out he was literally shivering out of fear. I spoke to him and wanted him to speak in front of the class. I realised that he became too conscious to speak and other children started laughing at him. I instantly addressed class about the importance of respecting each other. From that day I made a point to speak to Abhishek on daily basis and started movitating him for his slightest thing may it be writing, work completion and conversing in the class. Over the time I realised that he has come out of the shell and started speaking. I was so surprised when I gave him a chance to perform in one of the stage activity in which he just have to play amongst the children playing in the park. He was so thrilled to do the same that before the activity many a times he came to me and wanted to confirm that whether he is in the activity or not. The shine and spark in the eyes showed that how excited he wanted to be on the stage. After that I saw a change in his personality. He started speaking and started sharing. What did I just do?? I just motivated him and the job is done.

I feel that as parents or teachers we need to keep aside our personal stresses while dealing with children. We should avoid to pass on the negativity which we got from others. If we manage to handle that than there is all the possibilty that we can help to raise happy children. We as teachers need to be aware all the time that come what may, Whatever the situation may be we will keep our anger aside and deal with children with love and care. So what if they are not able to perform 100% but believe you me that they will respect you and approach you definitely whenever they are in need.

It is extremely important for us to break through the blockages so that we can come out of our shell and adopt this factor and start working on it. As we are aware of the law that each action has equal and opposite reaction, so let us be little mean and start motivating from today onwards so that it could be reciprocated.

Let us do our bit to make a beautiful society by motivating each other on day to day basis.

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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