Communication………A soothing remedy

How many times we have realised that we often stop the communication due to mutual differences? Communication is actually a blessing which is literally called as a medium of exchanging words. Without this blessing it would not have been possible to plan and polish our daily life. It is such an effective tool that help us to comprehend what the other person is trying to convey. This medium helps us to be rational and to express our feelings explicitly.

Most of the success in our life is due to the mantra of effective communication. Imagine if all of sudden we all lose our ability to communicate. The consequences would be very harsh and all human dealings will come to a stand still. Our gestures while communicating accomplishes half of the job. Courteousness plays a vital role in effective communication.

Our credence in each other lies in communicating with each other.At times we are so stressed that we tend to take this medium as a taboo and we often stop the conversation. This is prone to create huge differences among the people. Communication gives clarity of thoughts. I have experienced that many a times we argue with people out of self control. This generally happens when we do not agree or someone else is of the other opinion. When it becomes difficult for you to prove your point then comes a situation where you mute yourself and stop the conversation. This practice is also called as passive-aggressive behavior which at times we use as a bargaining tool. Earlier I used this practice and keeps on sulking by stopping the conversation. But gradually I realised that by not talking I punished myself as all the time my mind was stuck in that situation only. Then slowly I tried to make myself more aware towards such situations. Last month one of my colleague had an argument with me due to some misunderstanding. During that I tried to prove my point but she was not ready to listen. Anyhow both of us argued and left the argument in between. On my way home I was too tensed to go to work the next day due to obvious reasons as all the unpleasant thoughts kept on haunting the mind. The next morning when I reached my workplace and met her I immediately wished her good morning and she felt sorry for the yesterday’s incident. Had I decided not to be in talking terms with her then it would have been suffocating for both of us. So a little initiative by both of us made the surroundings peaceful. So friends, what I would like to share is that under all circumstances we should not stop the conversation and rather should try to keep on talking with each other as it will not be soothing for beautiful relationships but also for the healthy and positive aura.

Being a good listener is the best way to overcome communication barrier. If we do not listen properly then we can misunderstand mesages which can create utter confusion. Sometimes our communication becomes too harsh. In order to avoid ambiguity we need to master our words correctly. It is rightly said that think before you speak. So, Let us master the language competency-skill to communicate- and make it an a integral part of our daily lives.

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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