Our Children….Our Priority

We have all heard many a times that children are the builders of nation who with their innovation and creativity can bring a lot of change if given a right direction. That means right guidance at the right time is the true mantra. Being a parent as well as teacher it is my experience over the years that the time well spent with children always help them learn a lot. To teach them discipline and to make them future ready as a responsible citizen it is an absolute necessity to give them love and inculcate in them true values for an enlightened life.

In today’s busy life we often tend to neglect to spend the quality time with the children. The life today has become so hectic that somewhere we forget to make that eternal bond with our children. Have we ever felt like spending time with them just by sitting and just conversing? Are we not engrossed too much with technology and work? Yet we do not do it intentionally but in order to keep ourselves updated and just to make our presence felt in the tech era most of the time we spend on checking the latest notifications. I do understand that it is the need of time but we really need to mind the time which we spend on technology.

Many a times we are so indulged in checking our phone that we often ignore and miss the important aspect of being in touch with children. As a mother I have realised that day to day activities keep us so busy that we often forget to spend quality time with our children. First thing we need to understand that children are our priority and at any cost we have to maintain a strong bond with them. Let me remind you as a parent and as a teacher we have to make sacrifices as children are our responsibility. We have no authority to take them for granted as we have the sole responsibility to imbibe in them the attributes of a great human being.

I really would like to share few tips so that we can help the child to groom his/her personality to face the challenges of the growing age.

  1. Never compare your child with anyone.
  2. Always encourage your child to do of which he is capable of doing.
  3. Encourage them to avoid screen time after 8.30pm.
  4. After 8.30 in their room they can play and listen stories in the CD player.
  5. Avoid being materialistic and spend time with your child.
  6. Hire an extra help for household work so that you can sit with your child.
  7. Pay attention to your child’s strengths and help him or her join the same activity at an early age like singing, dancing, photography, cricket, chess etc.
  8. Enhance beautiful memories with them and gather experiences.
  9. Teach them self-engagement.
  10. Teach them sharing which will help them groom their personality as a good human being.
  11. Keep your phone aside while talking to them and give them 100% ATTENTION.

My children are grown up now and I regret of not spending enough time with them. Time flew and I do not remember when they grew up. Thanks to their grandparents for imbibing great values in them too. Nobody teaches you how to be an efficient parent but I think we should definitely keep ourselves upgraded with the knowledge through books and by talking to people.

As a teacher I made sure I listened to each and every child and tried to spent some good time in the class with them by indulging in various activities and by talking to them on day to day basis. One of my student once shared that he would like to be a chef as he wants to spend maximum time with his mother who always works in the kitchen and has no time to play with him. So in order to spend time with his mom he wanted to be a Chef. This touched me so much as we never know at what level children thinks and observes. But one thing is there for sure that children are the keen observers and learn a lot from us everyday. So, to prove ourselves let us do our best for them and enable them to be a great human being. Helping my students not only relieved them but also gave me self satisfaction that I was able to contribute a bit to the society to make this world a beautiful place to live in.

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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