Learn to listen please….

Really difficult to follow this line! isn’t it? But somewhere down the line we deeply think and try to make out then we understand that it is equally important to Listen and must first give a patient ear. This is too difficult to be done but let me assure you it is not impossible. HowContinue reading “Learn to listen please….”


Listen to the sounds galore O Brethren! not near the shore but inside the warmth of our home let us follow what is shown in the light of today’s darkness let us find something and harness Hey you, you have done enough by delivering unwanted puff its our turn to turn inside let’s keep wisdomContinue reading “Listen…..Listen….Listen”

Stress……..let us try to eradicate

The word stress itself is so heavy that listening this word or term creates another kind of stress called managing the chaos . The daily life chorus today is liberally given the name of stress. This is because we do not want to organize the things around us and keep piling work and give itContinue reading “Stress……..let us try to eradicate”

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