Memories… indispensable part of life

Days pass and each day we are making memories with one another. The people around us, the surroundings and every moment has something to tell. The small children have the world of their own. They cherish every moment and enjoy it fully. The youngsters have the great passion for life and are stressed to achieveContinue reading “Memories… indispensable part of life”

Resolutions….Conditioning our mind

Hey buddies!! New year greetings. Highly inspirational and productive this year is going to be for all of us. We have all the capabilities to achieve whatever we think. We have already paved way for the bright tomorow We have planned and over the years and practiced to do the best from our side. WeContinue reading “Resolutions….Conditioning our mind”

My recent travel….New York(second last part)

(PART 4) My second day concluded by visiting World trade centre and 9/11 memorial. Really felt calmed and sad at the same time. Twin pool with the names of people who were there in that tragic moment are engraved on the granite marble. It is so bad to see such a beautiful place destroyed andContinue reading “My recent travel….New York(second last part)”

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