Our Children….Our Priority

We have all heard many a times that children are the builders of nation who with their innovation and creativity can bring a lot of change if given a right direction. That means right guidance at the right time is the true mantra. Being a parent as well as teacher it is my experience over the years that the time well spent with children always help them learn a lot. To teach them discipline and to make them future ready as a responsible citizen it is an absolute necessity to give them love and inculcate in them true values for an enlightened life.

In today’s busy life we often tend to neglect to spend the quality time with the children. The life today has become so hectic that somewhere we forget to make that eternal bond with our children. Have we ever felt like spending time with them just by sitting and just conversing? Are we not engrossed too much with technology and work? Yet we do not do it intentionally but in order to keep ourselves updated and just to make our presence felt in the tech era most of the time we spend on checking the latest notifications. I do understand that it is the need of time but we really need to mind the time which we spend on technology.

Many a times we are so indulged in checking our phone that we often ignore and miss the important aspect of being in touch with children. As a mother I have realised that day to day activities keep us so busy that we often forget to spend quality time with our children. First thing we need to understand that children are our priority and at any cost we have to maintain a strong bond with them. Let me remind you as a parent and as a teacher we have to make sacrifices as children are our responsibility. We have no authority to take them for granted as we have the sole responsibility to imbibe in them the attributes of a great human being.

I really would like to share few tips so that we can help the child to groom his/her personality to face the challenges of the growing age.

  1. Never compare your child with anyone.
  2. Always encourage your child to do of which he is capable of doing.
  3. Encourage them to avoid screen time after 8.30pm.
  4. After 8.30 in their room they can play and listen stories in the CD player.
  5. Avoid being materialistic and spend time with your child.
  6. Hire an extra help for household work so that you can sit with your child.
  7. Pay attention to your child’s strengths and help him or her join the same activity at an early age like singing, dancing, photography, cricket, chess etc.
  8. Enhance beautiful memories with them and gather experiences.
  9. Teach them self-engagement.
  10. Teach them sharing which will help them groom their personality as a good human being.
  11. Keep your phone aside while talking to them and give them 100% ATTENTION.

My children are grown up now and I regret of not spending enough time with them. Time flew and I do not remember when they grew up. Thanks to their grandparents for imbibing great values in them too. Nobody teaches you how to be an efficient parent but I think we should definitely keep ourselves upgraded with the knowledge through books and by talking to people.

As a teacher I made sure I listened to each and every child and tried to spent some good time in the class with them by indulging in various activities and by talking to them on day to day basis. One of my student once shared that he would like to be a chef as he wants to spend maximum time with his mother who always works in the kitchen and has no time to play with him. So in order to spend time with his mom he wanted to be a Chef. This touched me so much as we never know at what level children thinks and observes. But one thing is there for sure that children are the keen observers and learn a lot from us everyday. So, to prove ourselves let us do our best for them and enable them to be a great human being. Helping my students not only relieved them but also gave me self satisfaction that I was able to contribute a bit to the society to make this world a beautiful place to live in.

Self awareness………A great initiative

Hey friends!! Really felt like writing about self awareness as in today’s world we are so busy in competing with each other that we often forget to pay attention to ourselves. It is equally important to master our life and take care of our mental hygiene. Now a days with technology in hand it is too easy to be carried away by the people’s point of view. But what about our point of view? Do we really know that where we are heading? Lets be frank by admitting that we are a part of the rat race whereby we are following t the society but how many of us have actually thought to be useful for the society.

First and foremost thing we need to do is to learn self control. Self control help us to accomplish the task in a peaceful manner. Once you are peaceful you will understand that how people perceive you. Your attitude and your way of responding help people understand about your temperament. We strictly need to be aware that under what conditions we loose our temper. Are we loosing our temper on petty things ? Let me remind you then nobody is perfect in this world. Each one of us in this planet is special and therefore carries a specific attribute. We need to introspect vividly what is that which makes us actually unhappy. If we are tensed by day to day situations then I am sorry to say that this will go on and on everyday. Fuming and fretting will be of no help.

When my children were small I literally used to have lot of arguments with them as I wanted them to do everything perfectly. I really paid no heed towards that they are in their learning stage and it is okay to make mistakes. Being a disciplinarian I kept on imposing discipline on them and forgot to enjoy the innocence with them. I do not hesitate to admit that I too had a tough childhood and there were lot of expectations from me too. So I did the same with my children specifically with the elder one. Obviously that was done unintentionally but it happened. But slowly and gradually after attending motivational workshops through Art of Living organisation, reading self help books and getting involved with the slum children by teaching them and sharing knowledge with them things changed. With my second child I gradually learnt to handle things differently as I became more aware about myself.

It will be much better for us to read something good on daily basis. We need to keep a watch on our thoughts and emotions. Self help literally help us to learn self regulation. If we are not aware about our own self then many a times it leads to lose of focus and balance. It will also add to utter confusion, delay and non-achievement of goals. So if we train our mind from time to time then we can master our tasks with sincerity and awareness. Putting our whole hearted awareness alongwith dedication to the task will help us to be poised. This way we will be able to rid ourselves of the negative emotions and will be able to make peace with ourselves. So, self-introspection should be done on a daily basis so that we can come out of our rigid attitude and start accepting the people around us with love and understanding.

Optimism…..a way of life

No one in the world can teach us to be optimistic till the time it does not come from inside. Our instinct is our best guide and help us to decide which approach is best for us, may it be our way of looking at life or our perspective towards the other people.

One thing is assured that the situations in life at times are so terrible that we automatically go on the pessimistic mode but it depends on us and our thinking that whether we need to be carried away by such conditions or we have to take the other way. The lines from Robert Frost’s poem, The Road not taken, are very relevant even today where he decided to take the road less travelled and which had made all the difference.

The path of optimism is not that which we will adopt from somewhere but it is a life long practice. In case of worse conditions or when the things are not working our way then it is obvious to get tensed. But at the same time it is important to pay attention towards the positive aspects of life which are often neglected by us when we are engrossed in the negative mindset. By being optimistic in our approach, it not only opens the doors of hope and positivity but also changes the people around us. At times just by taking initiative to complete a task which is challenging gives us a positive energy if we decide to do it in a positive manner. Just by being in our comfort zone and by being trapped in our own shell it is not possible for us to excel. So by taking a single step ahead we can make all the difference just by changing our attitude.

My experience, as a teacher, has given me lessons of optimism everyday. Students are by nature eternal optimist. If given a task they jump to do it with enthusiasm. They have that tendency of doing their best by learning. Little encouragement is enough for them to do the same. But we as elders often lack this enthusiasm in life and quickly become pessimistic. The fear of failure keeps us discouraged. So why not to approach the things in a positive manner?? Why not try to change our way of seeing the things?? Why not tilt our way of thinking a little bit?? I think the answer sometimes lies in the question only.

Today let us try to do every task at hand with enthusiasm and not out of burden. Lets try to accept that God has given us the chance to improve the life on this planet and we have the prowess to do it diligently. Let us contribute our bit by doing everyday tasks with love, care and affection. Slowly but surely, this approach will definitely help us to perform everything with positivity.

Appreciation….a divine attribute

Appreciate often and criticise rarely. Let us adopt this mantra and let divinity flow through us in the form of kind words which not only heals the soul but also enables a person to be more and more productive in the long run.

Appreciation can do wonders with children as you never know where someone is stuck in life and a few words of praise and encouragement can instigate a change in one’s personality. Now a days we are so busy with technology that at times we miss those moments of appreciation which can boost someone’s development.

Let us all remind ourselves of our childhood when we gained appreciation in some form or the other which really enhanced our personality. Even as a grown up we require appreciation as it helps us to do our work in a more efficient manner but we often forget to do the same and keep our attention on nagging and finding faults.

First thing we need to understand is that whatever we expect from others we need to behave in the same manner. Many a times out of jealousy we do not feel like appreciating and keep ourselves in a shell. So in order to come out of our shell we need to recognise the goodness in others and never ever stop ourselves to praise and never ever leave a chance to appreciate.

I have experienced it lot of times with my students that those who are praised and given encouragement from time to time tend to achieve more and come up with flying colours. Appreciation has always worked with my stubborn students who not only now started completing their work but also started showing results in the class. At times it becomes difficult to practice the same in the class but slowly and gradually I found out the ways to understand the child psychology which helped me to know them better. In this practice not only they gained but I have also become more patient and learnt several ways to deal with them.

We, as a responsible human being need to understand the importance of motivating others by encouraging and enlightening each other so that we can find out ways to be more productive and at the same time will be able to enhance belongingness amongst each other.

Motivation….A Wow Factor

Over the years I have realised that a motivated soul has the capacity to acquire more and perform more diligently as compared to people who are not. This is highly surprising to note that people are not ready to motivate others and I really do not understand why??? Is it so hard to motivate others by saying few words of appreciation? Today we are too engrossed in the hustle and bustle of life that we do not even have time to stop and convey few words of motivation to the people around us.

Children need it most. In the initial years of their schooling if they are motivated for performing a simplest of task, it can do wonders for them. But we as, so called wise grown ups often forget the importance of the same and keep on criticising them for their tiny mistakes. So there is no room left for the motivation. Somewhere down the years if we see and make out we would realise that we are passing on what we have already got.

One of my student named Abhishek whom I used to teach in class VI and now he is in class VII was an extremely introvert child. when I first met him in the class and called him out he was literally shivering out of fear. I spoke to him and wanted him to speak in front of the class. I realised that he became too conscious to speak and other children started laughing at him. I instantly addressed class about the importance of respecting each other. From that day I made a point to speak to Abhishek on daily basis and started movitating him for his slightest thing may it be writing, work completion and conversing in the class. Over the time I realised that he has come out of the shell and started speaking. I was so surprised when I gave him a chance to perform in one of the stage activity in which he just have to play amongst the children playing in the park. He was so thrilled to do the same that before the activity many a times he came to me and wanted to confirm that whether he is in the activity or not. The shine and spark in the eyes showed that how excited he wanted to be on the stage. After that I saw a change in his personality. He started speaking and started sharing. What did I just do?? I just motivated him and the job is done.

I feel that as parents or teachers we need to keep aside our personal stresses while dealing with children. We should avoid to pass on the negativity which we got from others. If we manage to handle that than there is all the possibilty that we can help to raise happy children. We as teachers need to be aware all the time that come what may, Whatever the situation may be we will keep our anger aside and deal with children with love and care. So what if they are not able to perform 100% but believe you me that they will respect you and approach you definitely whenever they are in need.

It is extremely important for us to break through the blockages so that we can come out of our shell and adopt this factor and start working on it. As we are aware of the law that each action has equal and opposite reaction, so let us be little mean and start motivating from today onwards so that it could be reciprocated.

Let us do our bit to make a beautiful society by motivating each other on day to day basis.

My students……..my stressbusters

Hi! really wanted to continue my previous blog in which I wrote about ‘Student’s Love‘.

As I already wrote that students love their teachers and in order to prove themselves they try to perform their best if motivated and given right guidance at the right time. At the same time they help us to learn lot of things by being inquisitive in their approach which further motivates the teacher to share best of the knowledge. But it is really necessary to come down to the level of the child as everytime our lecture method does not work and cannot be applied to every child.

My class always started with some deep breathing exercises along with little stretching exercises which automatically gave my students a new boost to start for the new subject. While doing so children talked and shared their experiences about how they felt after few deep and long breaths. This was further followed by planning their day well in advance.

This whole process hardly takes five minutes but it gives my students the mental clarity of what they are going to accomplish ahead during the day . This not only rejuvenates them but also energises me as I feel that slowly and gradually students will adopt this routine and it will be beneficial for them in the long run.

I really felt delighted when they themselves volunteered and started saying,”Mam, can we start deep breaths?” This gave me a great sigh of relief as it gave me the feeling that I was able to inculcate in them the habit of mental hygiene even if it was a little bit.

It is very very important to spend some time everyday with the students and talk to them about what is going on in their minds as growing children need to vent out their unnecessary expectations and that can be done through classroom discussions. I am a firm believer that classroom is the best platform for the children to grow, to express, to share and to put their opinions forward. This not only relieved them but also helped me to interact with them on day to day basis, As nowhere we are taught how to manage the emotions and by doing some simple things alongwith my students enable them to improve their capacity and augment their overall personality.

In the process it is not only the students who get the benefit but also I feel relaxed, calmed and with poise I can handle day to day situations. There is nothing more relaxing than watching your students shining and smiling with confidence which reflects their inner peace as well as mine.

Student’s Love

Being a middle school teacher, over the years I have made a special bond with my children. They too are so connected that they have become my family and the school my second home. Students do not leave any chance to make their teachers feel special and for that they take full advantage of the occasion.

The same happened on the teacher’s day. They were full of zest and zeal to express their love and gratitude towards their teacher which no words can explain. The shine and spark in their eyes were more than enough to understand their true affection.

Children observe you day in and day out. They are keen observers and many a times mute spectators. Though they do not often share their feelings towards their teacher but, undoubtedly, they have a special love and respect for them. With their respective class teacher they have a unique bonding which gives them the satisfaction that they are protected and surrounded by loving aura.

At times you need to be strict with them which is necessary as this conveys the importance of discipline in one’s life.

Apart from all the daily life stress, we need to put our emphasis on one and only thing that students are our responsibility and in order to make our society beautiful we need to nurture them with love, affection and friendly counselling. This not only enable them to build a nation which is strong and healthy but also help them to be a responsible member on the globe.


In order to maintain discipline and poise in the environment around us, it is important to have a healthy mind and healthy body. A person who has trained his or her mind to be silent has achieved a lot in his or her life. In order to silence the mind the person needs to inculcate the habit of doing something useful everyday. Keeping oneself busy with activities which makes you happy is the key. Disturbance of any kind can deplete our energy and interfere in our mental peace. Cleaning and decluterring our surroundings help us to achieve a peaceful state of mind. As we clean our surroundings and home of unnecessary material, we also require to do mental cleaning religiously. We need to get rid of thoughts which are not at all useful and occupy space in our mind and makes us exhausted. This mental cleaning will not only help us to concentrate more but also help us to think creatively and out of the box. Mental cleaning can best be done by relaxing the mind. Ater few deep breathing exercises, which help us to calm the mind, we will realise that we are capable of taking better decisions. Our capacity to relax from time to time help us to be creative and efficient in the long run.


There are certain reasons which make us unhappy. These are lack of awareness, lack of belongingness & lack of creativity.

A – Awareness

All of us have realized that when we do not perform our task carefully, that is, when we are not aware we tend to make mistakes. If we are aware then we can perform better & gradually we become more efficient by indulging in the task by giving our 100% which results in true happiness.

B – Belongingness

When we do not care for each other & take others for granted then we create distance between us & others. This, at times, becomes stressful. So, when we come out of our comfort zone & help each other, belongingness increases which results in beautiful bonding amongst people.

C – Creativity

We all have realized that when we create something new we feel happy as it gives us satisfaction & at the same time we are proud of our own creation. This gives us immense pleasure & joy.

So, if we remain enlightened towards ABC OF HAPPINESS it is assured that we will come up with flying colours as happy minds bring happy results.

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