The Great 8 Benefits of Creativity — Fuel for my soul

Original Link : I’m in the midst of working on a new book on creativity, and as I’ve been writing and researching, I’ve come across so many important benefits that can be achieved when engaging in creative experiences. The list is super long (I’ll be exploring them in more detail in the book!), but I thought […]

The Great 8 Benefits of Creativity — Fuel for my soul

Bow Tie Pasta with Garlic and Arugula — Journey Home

The arugula is top quality this year and I’m in a use it up mode. I spent more time preparing for this dish of bow tie pasta with garlic and arugula than usual. I researched recipes and thought a lot about it during the past two days. I used Parmesan cheese from a green can […]

Bow Tie Pasta with Garlic and Arugula — Journey Home

Disney to see at least $1.4 bn impact from coronavirus — Asportsupdate

San Francisco (AFP) Walt Disney Co. said Tuesday it will see an impact of some $1.4 billion from the coronavirus in the current fiscal quarter as a result of a massive hit to its theme parks and other operations. The media-entertainment giant said its profit plunged 91 percent to $475 million in the period ending […]

Disney to see at least $1.4 bn impact from coronavirus — Asportsupdate

Nurses Week 2020: Freebies & Specials for Healthcare Workers —

Nurses Week in 2020 will be taking place from May 6 to May 12, and it’s especially important this year to celebrate this day because of everything nurses have done throughout the coronavirus outbreak. National Nurses Week starts with National Nurses Day on May 6 and it ends on May 12, which is the birthday…

Nurses Week 2020: Freebies & Specials for Healthcare Workers —

Do not practice deception, even inadvertently. (Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji)

How many times we have heard of not following deception and how many times we have practiced it? These two questions if given attention and considered carefully would have changed the World’s scenario and the planet would have been a beautiful place to live in. In order to prove this right and in order to receive favours we see everyday that people use this term called deception. Deceiving somebody on the pretext of getting favours and benefits would give us gain but in short term and if we think in long run it would surely provide guilt and low self esteem. I think the major cause behind all this is the lack of belongingness. Have you ever thought of deceiving your own kith and kin? why? because you know that they are your own. you cannot even think of deceiving. Yes, of course exceptions are always there. The universe has the great capacity to shower blessings and everyday each every human being is getting whatever is required but still our greed need to hoard more and more. If we keep on practicing it we will be caught in the cobweb. To get out of it is not only difficult but also entangling. Once your are entangled in this cobweb, it will get on deeper and deeper and would leave no hope. So let us practice ways to get rid of this evil and by being aware and by practicing everyday little by little so that we can give rise to a deception free nation and thereby giving our contribution towards the world full of love and compassion.


How To Generate Creative Ideas Easily — Fuel for my soul

Original Link : Ideas are the starting point for creativity Creativity is ubiquitous. Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence. Creators cannot follow the well-trodden path. They have to search out their own way; they have to inquire in the jungles of life. Brian Clegg and Paul Birch write in their book “Instant Creativity” that […]

How To Generate Creative Ideas Easily — Fuel for my soul

Dear Sis and Bro


Dear sis and bro

lets chat and grow

with each other’s advice

which has no price

each day we spent

we have no repent

as we learnt a lot

and did our part

harsh was the language

no one minded at any age

as we knew the intentions

were pure and with zero tension

magnetic were the days

full of fights always

never knew meeting will be tough

otherwise we would have played enough

why we grew up so early

and now meet so barely

never knew will be missing so much

days of togetherness and grudge.

Working Through the Tutorial — Bsan’s Blog

In my enquiry and working towards my reapplication, I have been led to the Tutorial page. The site title (as found in the tab) is called Tutorials and Courses for Beginners – Learn As part of my studies, I decided to work through the tutorials and see what offers as a standard learning […]

Working Through the Tutorial — Bsan’s Blog
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