Resolutions….Conditioning our mind

Hey buddies!! New year greetings.

Highly inspirational and productive this year is going to be for all of us.

We have all the capabilities to achieve whatever we think.

We have already paved way for the bright tomorow

We have planned and over the years and practiced to do the best from our side.

We have evolved and have come a long way in the path of wisdom.

We are the shininig stars of today and have achieved a lot through our hard work

We have over the years conditioned our mind to do as per our best capabilities.

We have realized our dreams and have already started to work on them.

We have already captured our so called resolutions in the lens of the thoughts of our camera and are achieving them everyday.

We, with all our heart and soul, are the immaculate part of this beautiful planet and continue to contribute our best for the welfare of mankind.

We, by performing random acts of kindness, are beneficial to the society around us.

We, with our immense knowledge and wisdom, continue to spread love all around us.

So lets all promise ourselves to bring out the bestest from our personality and start the decade with true zest and zeal and make 2020 a rocking and fruitful year.

Please do not forget to share your ways to #conditioningthe mind.


My recent travel…..New York(Last part)


My last half day was spent in shopping in Macy’s which is incredibly huge. It is such wonderful place that it can easily be called city inside the city. It is a magnificient 8 to 9 floor arcade and the most amazing thing was the wooden escalators. We literally roamed each and every corner and the stuff was awesome but undoubtedly expensive, I am too much fascinated by Macy’a stuff and buy whenever there is a deal on items. I usually bought lot of stuff from Macy in downtown Sacramento where my brother lives.

There were certain things here too which were available at a good price. I bought a pack of lipsticks available at a great price. It took me four hours to shop there and I must tell you even a full day is less to explore Macy.

After exploring Macy I headed towards Times Square which is amazing at the night time. I tried Falafel from the roadside vendor and it was too hopeless and I wasted $20 on that. Times Square is comparatively an expensive place.

To entertain people dress up like famous characters and want visitors to click photographs with them to earn dollars.

Overall it was a great experience to be there.

I spent three days in New York and and kept my expenses minimum. My three days food expense was nearly $50 ( I took ready to eat food packets with me). To and fro(airport) was $ 80 ( it could had been $60 as my Uber app did not work and I had to take private taxi). My airbnb stay $220( it could had been $170 as I had to pay extra for one day as the check in time was after 3pm and my flight landed early morning so I did not have any choice ). Metro card $64 ($32 each , me and my husband’s metro card).

So friends go ahead and visit New York City as it is too beautiful and too difficult to describe in words. If you guys have visited this place I would love to hear your experiences too. Please do share so that it can be beneficial for me in my next visit.

Eagerly waiting for your comments.


My recent travel….New York(second last part)

(PART 4)

My second day concluded by visiting World trade centre and 9/11 memorial. Really felt calmed and sad at the same time. Twin pool with the names of people who were there in that tragic moment are engraved on the granite marble. It is so bad to see such a beautiful place destroyed and so many people harmed by the hatred of few people. I prayed there for few minutes and proceeded towards my hotel.

Inside view of World trade center.

My third and last day in NY.

I started from Staten Island. I took F train from Jamaica and changed the train and took Q train to Staten Island.

After getting down there I took Ferry to see Statue of Liberty. It was such a nice initiative by NY government that they have provided free ferry t o see the great marvel. If you need to see the Statue of liberty from inside you need to book the ticket five months in advance online. So we took the free ferry which took a round around and it was really fantastic.The view was awesome and breathe taking. At the same time it was so cold that we were literally shivering.

Picture clicked from Ferry.

Too cold and coffee from the inside ferry restaurant was a blessing.

There were more than 400 people in the Ferry. Everyone was taking the pictures and enjoying the view. The return ferry took us back to staten Island,. Next time I shall definitely visit inside by booking the ticket in advance.

After that I started walking and started exploring the beauty of the city and kept on clicking the pictures. After just waling for five minutes I reached Museum which was too huge and the entry was free but due to shortage of time I proceeded further and saw many people taking picture along with the stock exchange Bull and I was so thrilled to find that I was in Wall street. It was a beautiful sunny and bright day but equally cold. We also enjoyed there clicking pictures. Instead of taking from the front view of the bull people were more interested to click with the back side of the bull which was quite amazing and I was also one of them.(hahahaha!!)

enjoyed pizza at $2 per slice.

Explored the stores and bought few souvenirs.

After exploring the city for whole day I proceeded towards Macy which was tooooooo huge and extremely beauuuuuuuuuuuuutiful with immense collection. I spent nearly two hours and picked up cosmetics which I got at a good price.

Contd…. Next and last part…..

My recent travel….New York

(PART 3)


This is about my second day in New York city. I decided to start by walking in the brooklyn bridge to reach Manhattan. So I took the F train and got down at York station.From there Started walking on the bridge where already lot of people were walking and riding bikes. It was such an awesome experience and the beauty of the city from the bridge is marvellous.

After Brooklyn bridge we reached Central park which is highly beautiful place and we then approached towards lower Manhattan and explored the Greenwich village, NOHO (North of Houston) and SOHO (SOUTH OF HOUSTON). These places are highly amazing. I took train to Washington Square and started exploring lower Manhattan.

NOHO (North of Houston) in Lower Manhattan and Greenwich village still having the original buildings and no skyscrapers. Each building and restaurant is too beautiful to describe so I have shared here maximum pictures to show my joy.

$1 pizza slice available at most pizza junctions.

Inside vegan cafe CHLOE..

Outside view of CHLOE

Ordered vegan burger and pasta

Had coffee ice cream and bought decaf variety of Mocca. More than 20 variations of coffee and tea is available. must visit store for coffee lovers.

Outside Porto rico coffee store.

Way to apartments in Grove street where the shooting of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. series was done.

7th Avenue ….one of the house. 7th avenue is a beautiful place where maximum shooting was done of various series.

Outside FRIENDS series apartments. specially found this place as I am one of the fan of FRIENDS series.

I was too excited to explore these places in lower Manhattan as I did lot of homework earlier on YOU TUBE about all these places and saved lot of time to find locations. I walked nearly for four hours to explore all that and surely be exploring the left parts in my next trip. The next place was World trade center and 9/11 memorial which was too amazing and felt really calmed by spending time there. (Contd….Part 4)

My recent travel…..New York

(PART 2)

Hey friends!!

This was my Airbnb room which included Breakfast(cereals,oats, granula triscuits, coffee tea and milk.) Since I am vegetarian and also wanted to my keep my budget minimum so I took ready to eat packets of MTR as a lunch or dinner option. $1 pizza slice was a great option for me. I also ate food in vegan restaurants in lower Manhattan which I shall be sharing in the next part. My major expenditure was to and fro fare from airport which cost me $60 in total.

My first day was in Long Island city where after getting down at queens bridge station I spotted few stores selling multiple things.

I had coffee in this café which cost me $1.

The same F train from Queensbridgestation I took and got down at Rockefeller centre station. After getting down there the view was breathe taking and jaw dropping.

shopping center

Ice skating park

After RockefellercentreI headed towards Coney Island which was the last station of F train. really awesome place and cold winds were blowing (OOps not able to load the video of beach).

After spending an hour or so at the beach I headed towards Jackson heights for dinner about which I explored on the net. The same F train took me there and the station was Roosevelt Avenue. It was a beautiful market place but Alas nothing much good for vegetarians so I just took vegetarian Momos from a van and bought bagels and bread for next morning.

This is where I ate momos (10 pieces @ $ 6)

After exploring this place I headed towards my Airbnb and relaxed. It was a fun filled and adventurous day. Really love the parts I explored!! shall be sharing about next day in next part which I started by walking the BROOKLYN BRIDGE.

My recent travel…New York


Travelling is my pleasure. It is surely hectic but at the same time thrilling and adventurous. Last week I visited New York. Though the trip was too short but I tried to make most of it. It was just a four day trip in which I tried to explore as much as possible. I really wanted to share the quick tips which can be utilised for a short trip like mine and exploring as many places as possible.

I travelled through Air India and it was a direct flight of fourteen hours. It was quite tiring to sit at a stretch but most of my sleep I was able to cover in the flight only. Since I was going to be in other time zone for next three days so I need to be prepared mentally not to be tired at least psychologically so that I can explore as much as I can.

The taxi from the airport cost me 30 dollars as my Uber app was not working properly. The JFK airport was 20 minutes away from the place of my stay. I explored many options of the hotel and found them quite expensive so this time I tried Airbnb services.

New York is divided into five boroughs (administrative units) i.e. Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and staten Island. Queens is the biggest borough as compared to other Bronx and nearest to JFK airport. My stay was in Jamaica in Queens. The best part of the stay was that the subway (metro) was just at five minutes walk from the Airbnb.

First day when we(me and my husband) reached at the station we were little hesitant and quite nervous. We approached the ticket personnel and asked about the directions to reach. I have already searched lot of infomation (Thanks to You tube) about places and also came to know that we can make a pass of $32 for seven days and this pass will be applicable to both metro and bus transport in the city. So we took that pass and started our journey.

I have never thought that the metro ride will be so thrilling and will prove to be a blessing. All three days I travelled the places through the metro and made the best use of time. There are different trains for different destinations and named like E ,F, Q, J, Z etc. The first day I started with Queensbridge and ended the day visiting Coney Island, Which was the last station of F train. (Contd. in next blog)

Working with children….endless and blissful learning.

Children by nature are cheerful, positive and carefree by nature. We as grown ups slowly and gradually loose that cheerfulness and enthusiasm. I really do not understand when we loose that enthusiasm under the day to day stresses of life. But it is really important to be aware of the situations which make us upset and frustrate us. The frustration developed over the time makes you so stressful that we are not able to witness that when we lost our zeal and zest towards life.

I have personally observed it over the years that by changing our own attitude towards life and acquiring a sense of belongingness towards others certainly help.

The biggest hurdle is coming out of our shell and breaking the barriers of comfort zone.This is no big issue either. I think changing our perspective towards the people around us shifts the mood and certainly changes the surroundings around. I used to read earlier that how these things help us and always used to find these things hopeless.These were hopeless for me because this great knowledge of accepting others at the first place I never applied. Knowledge acquired over the time through the religious books and discourses should be applied religiously. What we do is we just read that knowledgeable stuff, munch it for sometime and tend to forget. But I must share that being aware of the knowledge at the time of crises and applying it everyday literally helps. There is no power in the world which stops us from changing our attitude till the time we do not want to. The sweet little steps of self improvisation by mending our attitude on daily basis definitely help. Believe you me the moment I try to be judgemental and start doubting the intention of others, that moment is the moment when the negativity in me starts building whereas shifting my attention towards helping and appreciating people around me gives me a boost and positivity.

These are the only reasons why children enjoy their life every moment without judging other and without being sarcastic. So let us start training our mind from this moment only that come what may the situation be we shall be positive towards every situation.Let us have the courage to be a child again so that we can again possess our child like qualities back. This not only will assure you happiness but also help us lead an exuberant life.

Gurupurab…….A day of enlightenment

Everyday will be a day of enlightenment if we are aware and keep on focusing on the positive aspects of life. The moment we get up in the morning to the time we retire at night, we can make our life blissful by being grateful for what we have. It is rightly said that count your blessings before complaining. Have we ever thought that whatever is given to us by nature is only and only the result of our own actions. Good deeds always fetch us good results and pay us the dividend manifolded.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s 550th birthday was celebrated on November 12, to remind us all about doing good in life. Guru Nanak’s main teachings are: meditate on the Lord’s name, work hard and share your earnings with the less fortunate ones.

If we really keep our attention on his teachings and practice religiously in day to day life then it becomes a part of life. It is very important to remember that human life is a life in which we have the opportunity to perform the best of our deeds.

Guru Nanak(1469-1539) was one of the greatest religious reformer of all times.His main teachings are:

  1. There is but one God.
  2. Goodwill for all.
  3. To speak the truth
  4. To serve the humanity.
  5. To chant God’s holy name and thereby remembering him at all times.
  6. To shun five evils (Ego, anger, greed, attachment and lust).
  7. Importance of Guru or teacher.
  8. No discrimination.
  9. Against rituals.
  10. Against superstitions.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji was a saint, philosopher, teacher, guide and a satguru whose message of brotherhood and humanity which was given by him five centuries ago still prevails and guides the mankind to follow his simplest teachings of HARD WORK, WORSHIP and SHARING.

Festivals……time for rejuvenation

Hey friends! really wanted to write everyday but got engrossed with the festive season. Festivities always bring with them cheer, enthusiasm and obviously lots and lots of work to do. The whole month of october was fillled with preparation for festivals. This all started with extensive cleaning and shopping literally followed by feasting, enjoying, meeting loved ones , gifting and the list is endless. This is the time of the year when you literally make your bonding strong by meeting each other.

Undoubtedly, the festivities are important but at the same time it gives us time to rejuvenate where in we involve ourselves with creative activities which are tiring too. For instance the shopping related to home decor always enchanted me but it is very difficult to make different choices. I always try to add something new to add positive aura to the environment.

This year I did not spend much on expensive things but I kept my whole attention to fresh flowers, candles and diyas. These three things added so much sheen to the environment. Roses, tulips marigold and many other flowers added shine to my decor.

Sweets without which no festivity is complete is a weakness for my family. White rasgullas(made up of sugar and cottage cheese) is one of my family’s favourite.

So much of things are there to do for different celebrations which generally starts after Navratras. Navratras meaning nine nights. After Navratras, Vijayadashmi is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil. Several cultural programs are organised in various parts of the country which depicts the Ramayana i.e. the tale of Lord Rama and Sita. After ten days of Dussehra ,Karwa Chauth is celebrated in which married ladies observe fasting for a day which is quite tough as they do not eat or drink anything for the whole day. At evening time when moon appears then only it is allowed to eat or drink. Sounds tough?? Yes it is quite tough. After another ten days of Deepawali, a festival of lights is celebrated with great pomp and show. It is the time of the year which is full of happiness, celebrations and merry making.

After a fortnight of Deepawali, Gurpurab is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of first Guru of Sikhs, Guru Nanak Dev Ji. I shall be writing more about Gurpurab in my next blog.

Communication………A soothing remedy

How many times we have realised that we often stop the communication due to mutual differences? Communication is actually a blessing which is literally called as a medium of exchanging words. Without this blessing it would not have been possible to plan and polish our daily life. It is such an effective tool that help us to comprehend what the other person is trying to convey. This medium helps us to be rational and to express our feelings explicitly.

Most of the success in our life is due to the mantra of effective communication. Imagine if all of sudden we all lose our ability to communicate. The consequences would be very harsh and all human dealings will come to a stand still. Our gestures while communicating accomplishes half of the job. Courteousness plays a vital role in effective communication.

Our credence in each other lies in communicating with each other.At times we are so stressed that we tend to take this medium as a taboo and we often stop the conversation. This is prone to create huge differences among the people. Communication gives clarity of thoughts. I have experienced that many a times we argue with people out of self control. This generally happens when we do not agree or someone else is of the other opinion. When it becomes difficult for you to prove your point then comes a situation where you mute yourself and stop the conversation. This practice is also called as passive-aggressive behavior which at times we use as a bargaining tool. Earlier I used this practice and keeps on sulking by stopping the conversation. But gradually I realised that by not talking I punished myself as all the time my mind was stuck in that situation only. Then slowly I tried to make myself more aware towards such situations. Last month one of my colleague had an argument with me due to some misunderstanding. During that I tried to prove my point but she was not ready to listen. Anyhow both of us argued and left the argument in between. On my way home I was too tensed to go to work the next day due to obvious reasons as all the unpleasant thoughts kept on haunting the mind. The next morning when I reached my workplace and met her I immediately wished her good morning and she felt sorry for the yesterday’s incident. Had I decided not to be in talking terms with her then it would have been suffocating for both of us. So a little initiative by both of us made the surroundings peaceful. So friends, what I would like to share is that under all circumstances we should not stop the conversation and rather should try to keep on talking with each other as it will not be soothing for beautiful relationships but also for the healthy and positive aura.

Being a good listener is the best way to overcome communication barrier. If we do not listen properly then we can misunderstand mesages which can create utter confusion. Sometimes our communication becomes too harsh. In order to avoid ambiguity we need to master our words correctly. It is rightly said that think before you speak. So, Let us master the language competency-skill to communicate- and make it an a integral part of our daily lives.

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