Our loving Parjai (sister in law in Punjabi language)

Parjai you are a slim beauty

who did her best to do her duty

You are always on the run🤣

and at times gives us much fun

You do your best to feel everyone at home

which motivated me to write this poem

You brought luck and charm to the house

and proved yourself to be a wonderful spouse

No doubt you deserve the best

forget everything and take the rest

We all pray for your good health

May God shower all his wealth

I remember and cherish the memories

forgeting all the un-necessary worries

Our brother is lucky to have

We also pray and thank you

We all wish for all the happiness

and also forget our silly feverishness

May you be spiritually enlightened

and your dreams be always heightened

Praying God for your long and healthy life

to keep all of us on your loving side.

Gratitude and loads of love on your birthday❤😍🌹🎁🎉🌹

love and blessings💕

My Dad….My Hero

Today is my father’s birthday.

Dad, a word which is a world itself and a true reflection of love, care and sublime serenity. Though my dad left for heavenly abode 25 years back but I still feel his presence always around me. There is an unheard and unsaid strength which is always surrounding me at all times. My father was a man of immense politeness and a man of few words. His presence used to say it all. His energy and his aura was so full of love that reflects in his personality. I have always seen him engrossed in gathering knowledge from all the possible and available sources. Though there was no technology at that point of time but he always made sure to keep himself updated. He had various subscriptions of various libraries and was a lover of theatre too. I remember he used to take us to various auditoriums to enjoy the cultural activities, plays and dramas. He had a special love for literature and his collection of books on subjects like Literature and religion was immense. Newspaper was the most reliable source of information at that time and I still remember that he used to keep all the newspapers date-wise above his almirah beautifully and systematically. We would ask the date and we would be able to get the same of that particular date.

He was a born talent. He was born in the family of farmers. It was a huge family of six brothers and three sisters where it was nearly impossible to think of being literate as the parents were not literate enough. But he was a man of strong will power and destined his own ways who did a lot of effort to outshine by doing his best in studies and literally worked a lot and hard. He used to sit under street lamps to study and walk miles and miles to reach the school. His unending thirst to achieve knowledge has given him strength and he was able to do good in studies and kept on working hard to achieve his goals and wanted to be a lecturer. He came to Delhi from Punjab and started his journey by joining as assistant in LIC of India. During his job only he acquired various degrees like law and master’s degrees. In his last days he was working as a Legal Advisor. It is really hard to even imagine that how he did all that with a full time job and hell lot of responsibilities of family and kids. We are four siblings and we had always seen him studying and working hard. I think he did his level best in the time span of his life which he could do. Imagining doing the same is too difficult but I really wish that if I could just be like him even a bit.

We all miss him and will remain doing so till eternity. Love you dad❤


Live…… at least

At the cost of anything do not give up on yourself. It is obvious that our past haunts us and don’t let us be ourselves. It is equally difficult to forget our bitter experiences as these keep haunting one by one. But I think it is not at all worth to keep on clinging to them. Though this sounds too difficult to follow and generally gives us hard days but what is the point? I feel practicing happy thoughts on daily basis and healthy conversations let us do our best.

Start by thinking of what you actually like. We know everyone like to pamper themselves in one or the other way but we are so engrossed in our negative world and harm ourselves so much that we kill the urge to think optimistically. So, the best way is to start self care and to pamper yourself. This will not only give you confidence but will also help you think in a better way. The people around will carry on their practices but you as wonderful individual love and care yourself first. Once you start feeling good about yourself you will definitely feel good around you. Love, celebrate, laugh, smile, observe, learn and live life to the fullest.

Let’s find ourselves.

As we all listen and say, Life is too short to spend time on grudges and conflicts, but what about the inner conflict which keeps on haunting you when you are actually disturbed by outward forces or circumstances. In order to get yourself heard why one has to go through all the turmoil. Your own near and dear ones are the people who gives you un-necessary disturbance and are not ready to listen. Even the things which should be understood on its own is at times too difficult to be understood. I think the difference lies in one’s mental level and level of understanding. It is observed that the people who bother you in life they don’t leave any stone un-turned to bring you down to their level. The stress robs away your peace and lowers your productivity for sure. So what should be done? What should be practiced and what should be adopted to deal with these kind of people? Day in and day out you are staying and struggling with them. At times I feel it is a real sorry state which literally steals your enthusiasm and throws you in a jungle of mess, doubts, judgements and at times hostility of thoughts and emotions. When I feel the same I realize that I feel like writing, reading, cleaning and doing stuff which gives me joy and liberate me. Anyhow I try to keep myself awake of these situations but at times I do fall pray of these circumstances and react but I feel that it is taking toll on my health. So I try and persuade myself to be a better human being and try not to retaliate and try to act later. The later action has given me good results and I felt that reaction and retaliation made my health worse. So let us all take good care of our mental health by indulging in various activities which provides solace and serenity.

An initiative to educate

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Dear all

Being an English teacher I always have the urge to teach English and help people to be fluent in English Grammar, composition and conversation. I feel that everyone should be well equipped in the language which is universally accepted and widely spoken. I think a person who is well versed in English language and have a good command over it will be able to achieve much in today’s technological world. So in order to achieve the same I have initiated to teach English language and conversation. I shall be starting with basic English Grammar like Vowels and Consonants and the phonic sounds which will help in the clear pronunciation too. I hope I shall be able to benefit many in the process. Those who are interested please do respond surely so that I could share my Zoom id with you along with the class timings. There are no specific charges for the same and whatever you are able to contribute will be highly appreciated.

Looking forward for a positive response.

Serve to liberate

Doing something for a noble cause is highly liberating and gives you a sense of belongingness. The ones who have in their minds to serve others are rare. The world needs people who are ready to serve but often it is found that these people are taken for granted for sure. Firstly, people doubt those people as they see that there is some selfish motive behind that and they also feel that the person must have some advantage or some kind of profit which he/she will get out of it. The world is full of people who are full of doubts which shows that their own intentions are not at all pure and do not want to see the world where good people show up. Whatever way the people think I suppose they feel it is in the same manner others think too but there are number of people who have kept themselves available for the humanity and equally are the number who are there to sabotage their good initiatives. So, let us see what we can do for the society to be a better place to live in.

Speak your mind

Speaking what comes in mind is healthy. It saves you not only from disturbance but also saves you from un-necessary stress and anxiety. If you feel that somebody is not behaving in a proper manner then don’t keep thinking of communicating and letting your emotion to vent out but let them vent out rather than sulking and spoiling your mind. This practice not only help yourself to be at peace but also will be helpful in healthy relationships in the long run. No doubt that all of us are everyday rolling in the roller coaster of life. At times. it is felt that in-spite of doing our best we are not given recognition and praise but we should see that let nobody should take us for granted. One more thing which I believe is that if we do not like someone or have ill feeling towards some of the people then the best way is to look at them as a human being, a life, who has come to this planet to serve the purpose of life. Detach yourself from that person as a relationship and treat him\her as a person . In that way I feel we will be able to treat that person without hate because from our relationships we expect a lot and exploit them a lot. So, let’s accept them as a soul and don’t hate them and don’t spoil your own mind for heaven’s sake. To conclude I would like to convey that,’ Save Your Mind At Any Cost.’

Lift life up…..

Come what may, we need to keep lifting our life up. Whatever may the circumstances be, whatever may the people around us say to us, whatever they do or not do, I think this should not bother us. Even after frequent arguments and grudges we hold against each other, whatever bothers us all, we should never leave the spark of good deeds. These are some of the things which let us keep our focus on our happiness. Creativity helps to keep this faraway in the long run. First thing first, we need to equip our minds with something which gives us happiness. To me its learning something new, creating something new and watching good movies. There is dire need to lift our life up everyday and should not wait for others to do it for us.

So, listen to your body, work out on regular basis, listen to beautiful and motivational videos, read and follow motivating blogs, admire nature’s beauty, relish good food, keep your surroundings healthy, spread love and bless everyone around you.

Let’s respect

Since childhood we have been taught to show respect towards each other. Respecting each other not only gives a feeling of love and nearness but also gives a sense of pride. We also teach our children to respect and love. But many a times we literally feel that when we teach our children how to respect with strictness they become so adamant that they take a U-turn and do not bother to respect anyone. I really fail to understand that why we forget to respect. I think when nobody listens to us and when nobody pays attention towards us we often loose our temper and show disrespect. At times I feel that in order to teach our children manners we overdo it or children do not want any restriction as they are too pampered. I feel that as a parent we should not avoid the things which children pass on to us in rage. We are parents and we are doing our duty well. Every parent try and do their best. So, let us maintain our respect and dignity at all cost.

Think Positive Always…

We are what we think. It is rightly said because whatever our thinking is we tend to act in that particular manner. Our thinking and acting pattern makes it as our habit. The habit is not a one day thing. It is a continuous practice of our thinking pattern. If it is so then why not to train our mind to cultivate positive mindset. One of the best way is to do creative things on daily basis. Whenever I am upset and feels that my thoughts are not constructive ones then I start doing something creative. For e.g. gardening, rigorous cleaning and after that watching something which gives me happiness like a movie or a documentary. In one of the documentary named ‘The brain that changes itself’ , it was shown that our brain remains plastic or changeable for our entire lives. They also explained that thinking changes your brain and one needs to be careful what one thinks. This experiment shows that thinking actually turns on genes inside neurons to form new connections between the brain cells. So It is great to know that plasticity is an intrinsic property of the brain. Hence let us guide the changes to see the change in ourselves.

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