Flying away really helps

from un-necessary thoughts and stuff

Sooner or later you will realise

you did wonder by putting away the puff

The more you fly away

the more you will spree

so try and try everyday to sway

and enjoy the fruits with glee

Moments of togetherness with friends work wonder

thoughts and ideas shared

It is definitely a thing to ponder

spent time and by whom you are always cared


Be yourself

Day and night in and out

our thirst with excellence sprout

No wonder whatever we accumulate

has significance and at times distrait

Perseverance and determination are the keys

one should try to keep them freeze

Portray yourself in a better light

and free yourself from un-necessary plight

Ignorance is not bliss always

strive for the better and get praise

People mostly have similar notion

let us come out of this commotion

Sooner or later better you become

by shedding away all the scum

life….an eternal bliss

No matter how often we sulk or how often we crib in day to day life but it will be wise to accept that yes, life…….our life is an eternal bliss. Count the bounties and you will realize that so much comfort is provided and we are taking everything for granted. Our mind has the tendency to get stuck with negative thoughts and de-motivating people. But can’t we just shift our vision and see the better aspect of life. Let’s think for a while of the moments of life we enjoyed thoroughly and felt at peace. If we shift our thought process towards gratitude and thankfulness than I don’t think there will be any room for complaints. Complaining not only steals our joy but also leave us in un-enthusiastic mode and it does not let us enjoy the everyday beauty around. The mind filled with go getter attitude always have a win-win situation but for that we should be ready to track our mind to be in the present moment and avoid to be a pendulum which keep on shifting from past to future and has no existence at-least in the present moment. So, why not to pause and think for a while to be more optimistic and cherish the present moment.

Your thoughts on my thoughts are highly appreciated. Kindly take a moment to revert.

love and gratitude

Mesmerize often

The day starts everyday

with new thrill and charm

Let’s continue with the same spirit

and try to keep calm

The moment you realize

that there is lot to mesmerize

you will ponder more and more

to keep yourself surprised

Amazing are God’s ways

truthful is his path

when the fruit is about to ripen

it is ready to leave the yap

let’s do our best to save the day

and let go the procrastination

No matter how difficult is the alley

you will definitely reach your destination.

Effort……….one hope

Hey friends! Hope everyone is in high spirits.

Effort, an indispensable part of our life, without which we can’t even think of doing anything. The major thing to mesmerize is that whether we are actually putting our effort in the right direction and in the constructive way or not.

Many a times we have realised that in order to do our best we often hurt ourselves and go out of the way to please others. This practice not only leaves us exhausted but also leaves us with the hopeless thoughts. Many a times we are carried away by other’s perspective and fail to see our own as we feel not very confident about ourselves. Anyhow I feel that whatever we do keeping in mind the good of others too will definitely gives us positive energy and self satisfaction. It is rightly said that there is a law of universe which believes in good qualities and respect for others too. So putting your whole -hearted effort in right direction without doubt and without harming others definitely brings good results. We should always remember that if we do not gain any monetary benefit from our efforts but we gain experience by going through the process which enriches our life with learning and gratitude.

let’s Ponder

Great are those who have the cosmic instinct

honoured are those who cares and are distinct

Never ever think that the world is mean

since you might be desperate and at times keen

Finding new ways will open a new door

don’t judge yourself and thoroughly explore

Letting things go will always help

leave everything, relax and don’t sulk

Each life is precious never forget

leave grudges behind and never regret

Everyone around is a well wisher just accept

world is a beautiful place and it reflects

There can be times when you could be doubtful

stay always positive and play heartful

Great are the ways of God you must know

be grateful and don’t forget to grow

Slowly and gradually the path will be clear

keep your plans healthy and dear

God’s wishes and blessings are always there

keep yourself open and absolutely fair.


Change matters….

How many times we have thought that we will do our best and help everyone at the time of need. Yes, indeed we think this on daily basis and try to do our best for the people around us. But in the hustle and bustle of life we literally forget at times the most important aspects of our life that is meeting our friends specially those in need. Let us religiously see and note who need us and for whom we can be readily available. I understand that we are so much caught up in our own families that we find it extremely difficult to find out time for others but let us be little selfish for the satisfaction of our own soul and take out time for others in need.

Recently my good friend passed away and I still cannot answer myself that why I did not visit her frequently. I really feel so sorry about myself that I could have visited her often and could have spent more and more time with her. There was so much to learn from her and so much to share. But I am helpless and too regretful but all in vain now. So dear friends try to take out sometime for the near and dear ones, look around yourself, show your belongingness and do something useful in life till it is too late to act as our little awareness towards each other can save us from long life regret.

love you all.

Wake up and see

Time passes and days roll over

happenings are bizarre and slower

You never know what is in store

Grief or blessings galore

let’s do best of our effort

by leaving away our comfort

days are passing and life is short

stop judging and do your part

Highly amazing are God’s ways

so don’t let pass the blessings astray

we know not what is lying ahead

so get up, work and let love spread

immense are God’s bounties to enjoy

let’s realize and do not welcome annoy

wake up and don’t get too late

share and enjoy what is served in plate

Hard-work, sharing and meditation is the key

those who did know the mystery

so why O’ soul you are confused

just believe what happens it happens for the good.


Remembering my Grand-Father

Since childhood I saw my maternal grandpa whom we called Papajee with affection as a strong and incredible personality. He, with his positive aura and immense energy was our hero. His voice modulation and firmness of authority used to scare us but inside he was really a soft human being . I still remember my childhood when I along-with my parents used to pay him visits. The visits were so frequent that their place became our second home.

Grand-parents are the most affectionate people on the earth we all know . My elder brother and I shared a strong bond with him . Undoubtfully my younger siblings shared the same too but both of us were the more principled ones. We too got the opportunity maximum number of times to be with him . We used to be with him whenever vacations were there. Our parents used to drop us there and we used to have a pampered time there.

My grandma was also a gem of a person who used to cook a lot of food for us . Life with them was just eating food , merry making and so on. I still remember the days when we used to get an everyday treat from a local ice-cream vendor who used to ring a bell on his arrival.

I always saw my Grandfather working . He took his last breath when he was 96. But all those years he had put a lot of hard-work along with his heart and soul. He got retirement from his railway job at the age of 60. He started working voluntarily after 60 and worked till 80 which is highly commendable. After 80 years of age he led a healthy life and at that age he was still able to manage a good life. It was only at the age of 94 he was unable to walk properly and slowed down but his will power and strength remained undeterred. I used to be amazed at times how he managed to do all that. Last year I paid him frequent visits after he suffered a heart attack and doctor’s declared that his heart was just 35% in working condition. He shared his experiences of 1947 India-Pakistan partition and other experiences which were too inspiring and also gave goosebumps. I really felt like saluting him as he was a symbol of values, love and kindness.

I pray to God to give his soul rest and keep us all on the path of wisdom shown by him.


Our loving Parjai (sister in law in Punjabi language)

Parjai you are a slim beauty

who did her best to do her duty

You are always on the run🤣

and at times gives us much fun

You do your best to feel everyone at home

which motivated me to write this poem

You brought luck and charm to the house

and proved yourself to be a wonderful spouse

No doubt you deserve the best

forget everything and take the rest

We all pray for your good health

May God shower all his wealth

I remember and cherish the memories

forgeting all the un-necessary worries

Our brother is lucky to have

We also pray and thank you

We all wish for all the happiness

and also forget our silly feverishness

May you be spiritually enlightened

and your dreams be always heightened

Praying God for your long and healthy life

to keep all of us on your loving side.

Gratitude and loads of love on your birthday❤😍🌹🎁🎉🌹

love and blessings💕

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