My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

Anger…..corrosion for mental and physical health

Anger , a natural phenomenon which occurs when things don’t go our way, when we are misunderstood, when we look for perfection everywhere and when the stress of multiple things accumulate. But how many times we have thought of waiting to pass the situation or calm down. I don’t think anybody out of us is able to control it though we listen everyday that anger is poisonous which harms us more than anyone else. These days since we all are homes during this period of lockdown so it is the best time to try our patience level and practice self control by accepting the situation as it is because reacting to the situation will make the matters worse. One of the ways is to count backward counting from 100 to 1 and by paying attention to our breath (though seems impractical but believe you me it works.)

The root cause of anger is frustration,anxiety and fear. More frustrated a person, the more angrier he/she becomes which results in-

Making us mentally cripple.

Rotting away our body.

killing our creativity.

So, do not let the sun go down while you are still angry and handle it as a matter of great importance. We must not put it off until tomorrow which will give the devil a foothold.

Best things could be done are-

To change the arguments into conversation.

Delay the conversation and let that moment pass.

Do not be stubborn.(extremely important)

Apologies often

Ignore stupid stuff.

Do not react but act for sure later on.

Forgive, though difficult but with practice it will happen.

Last but not the least, let it go for health and happiness.

It is rightly said by Mark Twain that Anger is an acid, that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to the vessel in which it is poured”.

Last possibility as mentioned by fifth master of sikh religion Shri Guru Angad Dev Sahib is…..Do not meet with or even approach those people whose hearts are filled with horrible anger.

So, lets ponder over circumstances, situations and events which we had spoiled due to our anger so that we could avoid repeating it and which could had been better resulting in loving and better relationships.

Save……water in this time of crises.

Many of us have heard the quote, ‘Save water, Save life’, umpteen times but how many of us actually pay heed towards it. I would like to remind us all that along with social distancing it is our social responsibility to save water desperately. In this time of lock down and social distancing all of us are busy in hygiene and washing hands. I am sure during this time most of the households are involved in strenuous cleaning practices. It is the same time when we are entering from one season to the other. The woolens are needed to be packed up and summer stuff will be acquiring our wardrobes. So I would like to draw our kind attention to the kind of pressure we put on our water system. Lets not give birth to other crises…i.e. water crises after we are through with Covid-19. So, in order to not to get another disaster of water scarcity, lets take few generous steps:

Avoid washing machines for less clothes.

Avoid running water while washing hand.

Avoid running water while brushing teeth.

Avoid running water while doing the dishes.

Try to minimise water wastage while flushing.

Use the rinsed water after washing the vegetables or grains etc. to water the plants.

Use the rinsed water to mop the floor or wash the yard.

Discourage use of dish washer with less load.

So, Friends there are lot of things and ways in which we can put our effort and practice ways to save WATER

So, to avoid another crises of water shortage let us join hands and respect nature for providing for our basic necessities like water, air ,sun, for free.

Kindly do share your ways to save water to make this planet less loaded with crises and more filled with love, awareness and compassion.

Stay blessed and AWARE.

SILENCE……..A practice to mind our words

Hi friends

Words, words and words! so much we speak on day to day basis. The moment we get up we start speaking endlessly. How many times we have thought that what we speak does it have any relevance or not. Over the years we have heard ‘Speech is silver and silence is golden’, but how many of us has paid any heed to the same. Are these proverbs meant to be in the books only or we have ever given a thought to practice the same.

Silence programs are also organised by some organisations. These are of great benefit to attend. They let you practice silence for three days. On fourth day when you come out of silence you realise that how the process has saved your innate energy and leaves you more rejuvenated. I have attended silence program which was organised by ART OF LIVING ORGANISATION many times and the experience is beyond words. I really want that everyone should attend this course at least once a year.

Silence has the power to extract the immense skills out of your personality. Many great saints over the years tried to prove the importance of silence.The ones who have practiced only they would be able to reap the benefits . If we analyse our day to day activity, specifically about speaking we would realise that 80% of stuff that we speak carries too less relevance like-

We call friends and gossip un-necessarily.

We shout on children to bring them under discipline.

We argue with people on petty issues.

We give un-necessary advice and suggestions.

So, let us try and make a point to be aware of circumstances where we can adopt silence. Un-necessary speaking not only wastes our energy but also let us waste our precious time.

So, why not try to practice silence for few minutes on day to day basis?

So dear friends let’s practice the same and experience ourselves that how we are getting benefited and how can we get rid of un-necessary speaking.

Hope you all agree. Please do give your suggestions.


Tough times………Blessing in disguise

In today’s time of spread of various viruses we need to make a practice of Social Distancing which is a practice of reducing or stopping close contact between people to avoid infection. It means to limit yourself from crowds and large gatherings.

Let us all make efforts to-

Avoid group gatherings

Avoid crowded retail stores, malls etc.

Avoid workout in gyms.

Avoid maids and wokers at homes.

Avoid mass transit systems.

Avoid events, concerts and sleepovers.

Be Cautious about-

Visiting restaurants.

Visiting grocery stores.

Picking medication.

Playing in Park

Visiting library.

Religious gatherings.


Let us practice to adopt which is safe like-

Play in your yard.

Clean out closet.

Yard work.

Read a good book.

Listen to music.

Cook a meal..

Play and enjoy with your family.

Video chats.

Watch your favourite show.

listen to ted talk.

Check on a friend.

Spend time with grandparents.

Check on elderly neighbour.

Meditate two times a day.

Acquire new skills

Listen to music.

Read books.

Uplift other people.

Counsel the under-previleged.

Use social media for good.



Father……….a world and a blessing.

My dad………………My inspiration

Father, the world to us, the one with whom it was all safe, sound and intact, with whom you have all the securities, with whom you have all the blessings and with whom you have all the lovely dream is a figure of God who is always ready to be by your side and who is always there to give you joy and take away all the pains and sorrows of your life. I am sure everyone out there has the same feeling for their dads. My dad was a person of immense love, dedication and hard work.

My childhood pic with mom and dad on my birthday

Today is my father’s 25th death anniversary and no day has passed without missing him. He was a very calm and gentle personality. He was in his 50s when he was diagnosed with kidney failure and in three months only his health deteriorated and he could not survive. It was a tough time for us. We are two brothers and two sisters. We were just out of college at that time. Seeing my father suffering was the painful experience. Nothing worst can happen to me. I have always seen my father working extremely hard. During that time there was no technology and proper means of transportation like metro.The cars were the luxury at that point of time.He used to travel in public transport. Apart from his regular job as a legal advisor he used to study a lot. He was a village guy who belonged to Punjab and a big family of six brothers and three sisters.

My mom, dad and younger sis attending my cousins wedding.

My father from his family was the one who was able to study and stood as a successful man. He completed his education under very harsh circumstances and did his higher studies after marriage along with his job. He was too talented and was a treasure house qualities. He used to sing well, write well and was having great skills of communication. Most of my qualities are my dads gift. I really even fail to imagine the kind of hard work he used to put. But all that has taken a toll on his health. We lost a gem of our family and till today we are not able to make up with great loss. Lucky are those who have their fathers by their side. I see people with their fathers getting old which is a dream for me.

I really want to say to all the lovely people out there that if you are blessed with father then love him, hug him, understand him, listen to him, talk to him before it is too late.

Miss you dad always.

Memories…..an indispensable part of life

Days pass and each day we are making memories with one another. The people around us, the surroundings and every moment has something to tell. The small children have the world of their own. They cherish every moment and enjoy it fully. The youngsters have the great passion for life and are stressed to achieve the very best in their life. People in their middle age start realizing that they have taken their life for granted and want to regain their health which they have ignored over the years. Old age comes with its own problems which is but natural.These all phases are highly affected by the surroundings. If we are surrounded by enthusiastic people, we tend to have that kind of attitude. In order to nourish our thoughts we need to be extremely peculiar about our company and surroundings. Our thoughts, which will soon become our action, will help us to shape our lives as these actions over the time will be the part of our habit.

So, let us do our bit to choose wise company, Let us learn to be in the company of happy people, let us learn new things everyday and let us shape best of our destiny.

So, lets spend time together keeping in mind that these moments of togetherness will be the part of our memory after few years. Therefore friends, lets make beautiful, loving and blissful memories together.


Motivation………A mantra to GET, SET and GO

Hey buddies! Happy Women’s day to all the lovely women out there.

I really feel that motivation is a factor which really keeps us going. In order to do our best we put best of our efforts but when the task is not appreciated and acknowleged we literally expect that it should be done so. I think there is no harm in expecting as human beings we have the urge to get the appreciation.

Let us also motivate ourselves by taking few steps on to benefit ourselves so that we could stay motivated.

1. Stay active which will help you lead an energetic routine.

2. Do not rush and try to accomplish the task in relaxing manner,

3.Stay in touch with your friends who helps you to relax.

4.Try to live in the moment.

5.Spend some time with nature.

6.laugh heartily.

7.Pay gratitude.

8.Count your blessings.

9.Move your body .

10. De-clutter your desk.

11.Talk to elders and listen to their experiences.

12.Read a good article.

13. Listen to a motivating podcast.

14. Buy fresh flowers.

15.Enjoy sipping green tea.

16.Admire morning sun.

17. Take care of your plants.

18. Enjoy fresh veggies like carrot, cucumber and citrus fruits.

19.Pamper the elderly by getting them to eat what they really relish.

My mom enjoying Chana- Bhatura

20. Decorate your surroundings.

21.Follow your passion.

22.Take sometime out for yourself.

23.Sit with your eyes closed for few minutes and pay attention to your breath.

24.Keep writing few lines whenever you get time.

25.Share your experience through blogs.

26.Counsel and help the less-privileged.

What are your ways of being motivated? Please do share and definitely enlighten.

Happiness…….Enjoying every moment of life

Hey friends! Hopes everyone is fine and in good spirits.

Let us not forget to enjoy the little moments in the hustle and bustle of life. We need to enjoy the moments which we spend with our children and loved ones. One day we would realise that the time we are spending together are actually the precious memories we are creating with each other. Each one of us have a special ability and no one is perfect in this world. You must have realised that though brothers and sisters they stay together under the supervision of their parents but each one of them has a distinct taste and very very different point of view.

Happiness for me is spending time with my childhood friend, shopping, watching movies and exploring latest trends in the market. I also enjoy my special love for collecting nice and cute things. My latest cute shopping was from Surajkund fair(mela) from where I brought woven baskets from the state of Assam, spectacle holder and table cloth from the special stall of BSF, Jute bag and shawl from Nagaland stall and the list is endless. I literally enjoy shopping in these kind of fairs as I am able to get a collection of various states in one place.

A special sweet dish called Jaleba

We need to find happiness in our daily life and need to realise what keeps us happy. It is truly said that whatever we keep our focus on that grows so why not to enjoy the moments of togetherness with each other and share the beautiful moments of togetherness.

So, friends never ever miss any opportunity to be with friends as they are the best source of positive energy and treasure house of enjoyment and happiness, So, for me happiness is enjoying every moment especially with friends.

What is happiness to you? Please do write.😍


Making peace with oneself…..a favour

Hey friends! How are you all? Really felt like writing everyday but caught up in the daily chorus and with my son’s board exams. Hopefully will be writing everyday now.

I feel and firmly believe that writing gives instant peace and relief. I want to write everyday and share my thoughts with the world. For oneself making peace with oneself is extremely important. If we will not practice than we will hamper our productivity. So in order to work to our full potential we need to make efforts to maintain a healthy and peaceful environment, Here are few tips to do the same which can help positively.

  1. Getting up little earlier in the morning than your usual time which will help you to spend some time with yourself.
  2. Utilizing that time of the morning by sitting with your eyes closed and by planning your daily routine mentally.
  3. Spending these morning precious minutes to work on yourself will give you better ideas to perform.
  4. Introspecting yourself to be more productive.
  5. keeping your energy on positive aspects of life.
  6. Managing your thoughts.
  7. Adopting a practice by following your passion ( For instance cooking, housekeeping, reading or writing)
  8. Appreciating people around you will boost your energy as well.
  9. Avoiding unnecessary and unhealthy criticism.
  10. Ignoring unhealthy remarks from people around you.
  11. Lending a helping hand.
  12. Enjoying a chat with your friend and remember to keep it healthy.
  13. Sharing your earnings with less fortunate ones like maids, servants, vegetable vendors, rickshaw pullers, gatekeepers, security guards etc. As they are the most useful members of our society and their hard work is often neglected by us all.
  14. Being loyal to your work. Always work more than expected and you will realise that the universe has its own way of reciprocating to your actions.
  15. Working honestly and whole heartedly definitely pays in the long run.
  16. Uplifting someone’s state of mind.
  17. Practicing silence for few minutes everyday.

So, friends these were some of the tips which I have practiced over the years and realized that these definitely worked and helped me to achieve my best potential. I am still practicing and working a lot to be with my morning hour which I generally start by meditating.

What is your personal tip to be a more peaceful person? Please do share and enlighten.


Saree love

#Me with my childhood bestie

Saree, undoubtedly, a garment which can be worn on all occasions with grace. This six yard garment gives a rich look if carried properly. Saree love is no longer restricted to western culture and many are now ready to adorn and flaunt this garment with pride. Since time memorial saree has been a love for many. Generations pass on this love from one to another. Silk sarees are something which we inherit from our mothers that not only attach sentiments with it but also adds grace to one’s personality.

My all sarees are from my mother’s wardrobe who herself was a teacher and great saree lover. Her wardrobe was full of sarees from silk to cotton of vivid variety, traditionally enriched and above all beautifully maintained with utmost care.

The sarees of my mom are now extensively used by me with pride. The collection is so strong that no saree of her goes without a compliment. I surely want to keep this tradition alive and continue to wrap this six yard garment with exuberance and joy.

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