Serve to liberate

Doing something for a noble cause is highly liberating and gives you a sense of belongingness. The ones who have in their minds to serve others are rare. The world needs people who are ready to serve but often it is found that these people are taken for granted for sure. Firstly, people doubt thoseContinue reading “Serve to liberate”

Think Positive Always…

We are what we think. It is rightly said because whatever our thinking is we tend to act in that particular manner. Our thinking and acting pattern makes it as our habit. The habit is not a one day thing. It is a continuous practice of our thinking pattern. If it is so then whyContinue reading “Think Positive Always…”


How many times we have realized that our belongingness towards each other make our surroundings peaceful, loving and warm. If we are not bothered about the feelings and well being of each other then what is the point of being in a family. It is truly said that Home is Where the heart is….If weContinue reading “HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS………”

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