Our Children….Our Priority

We have all heard many a times that children are the builders of nation who with their innovation and creativity can bring a lot of change if given a right direction. That means right guidance at the right time is the true mantra. Being a parent as well as teacher it is my experience overContinue reading “Our Children….Our Priority”

Self awareness………A great initiative

Hey friends!! Really felt like writing about self awareness as in today’s world we are so busy in competing with each other that we often forget to pay attention to ourselves. It is equally important to master our life and take care of our mental hygiene. Now a days with technology in hand it isContinue reading “Self awareness………A great initiative”

Optimism…..a way of life

No one in the world can teach us to be optimistic till the time it does not come from inside. Our instinct is our best guide and help us to decide which approach is best for us, may it be our way of looking at life or our perspective towards the other people. One thingContinue reading “Optimism…..a way of life”

Appreciation….a divine attribute

Appreciate often and criticise rarely. Let us adopt this mantra and let divinity flow through us in the form of kind words which not only heals the soul but also enables a person to be more and more productive in the long run. Appreciation can do wonders with children as you never know where someoneContinue reading “Appreciation….a divine attribute”

Motivation….A Wow Factor

Over the years I have realised that a motivated soul has the capacity to acquire more and perform more diligently as compared to people who are not. This is highly surprising to note that people are not ready to motivate others and I really do not understand why??? Is it so hard to motivate othersContinue reading “Motivation….A Wow Factor”

My students……..my stressbusters

Hi! really wanted to continue my previous blog in which I wrote about ‘Student’s Love‘. As I already wrote that students love their teachers and in order to prove themselves they try to perform their best if motivated and given right guidance at the right time. At the same time they help us to learnContinue reading “My students……..my stressbusters”

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