Resolutions….Conditioning our mind

Hey buddies!! New year greetings. Highly inspirational and productive this year is going to be for all of us. We have all the capabilities to achieve whatever we think. We have already paved way for the bright tomorow We have planned and over the years and practiced to do the best from our side. WeContinue reading “Resolutions….Conditioning our mind”

My recent travel…..New York(Last part)

HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR TO ALL MY DEAR FRIENDS!!!! My last half day was spent in shopping in Macy’s which is incredibly huge. It is such wonderful place that it can easily be called city inside the city. It is a magnificient 8 to 9 floor arcade and the most amazing thing was theContinue reading “My recent travel…..New York(Last part)”

My recent travel….New York(second last part)

(PART 4) My second day concluded by visiting World trade centre and 9/11 memorial. Really felt calmed and sad at the same time. Twin pool with the names of people who were there in that tragic moment are engraved on the granite marble. It is so bad to see such a beautiful place destroyed andContinue reading “My recent travel….New York(second last part)”

My recent travel….New York

(PART 3) Contd……. This is about my second day in New York city. I decided to start by walking in the brooklyn bridge to reach Manhattan. So I took the F train and got down at York station.From there Started walking on the bridge where already lot of people were walking and riding bikes. ItContinue reading “My recent travel….New York”

My recent travel…..New York

(PART 2) Hey friends!! This was my Airbnb room which included Breakfast(cereals,oats, granula triscuits, coffee tea and milk.) Since I am vegetarian and also wanted to my keep my budget minimum so I took ready to eat packets of MTR as a lunch or dinner option. $1 pizza slice was a great option for me.Continue reading “My recent travel…..New York”

My recent travel…New York

(PART I) Travelling is my pleasure. It is surely hectic but at the same time thrilling and adventurous. Last week I visited New York. Though the trip was too short but I tried to make most of it. It was just a four day trip in which I tried to explore as much as possible.Continue reading “My recent travel…New York”

Working with children….endless and blissful learning.

Children by nature are cheerful, positive and carefree by nature. We as grown ups slowly and gradually loose that cheerfulness and enthusiasm. I really do not understand when we loose that enthusiasm under the day to day stresses of life. But it is really important to be aware of the situations which make us upsetContinue reading “Working with children….endless and blissful learning.”

Gurupurab…….A day of enlightenment

Everyday will be a day of enlightenment if we are aware and keep on focusing on the positive aspects of life. The moment we get up in the morning to the time we retire at night, we can make our life blissful by being grateful for what we have. It is rightly said that countContinue reading “Gurupurab…….A day of enlightenment”

Festivals……time for rejuvenation

Hey friends! really wanted to write everyday but got engrossed with the festive season. Festivities always bring with them cheer, enthusiasm and obviously lots and lots of work to do. The whole month of october was fillled with preparation for festivals. This all started with extensive cleaning and shopping literally followed by feasting, enjoying, meetingContinue reading “Festivals……time for rejuvenation”

Communication………A soothing remedy

How many times we have realised that we often stop the communication due to mutual differences? Communication is actually a blessing which is literally called as a medium of exchanging words. Without this blessing it would not have been possible to plan and polish our daily life. It is such an effective tool that helpContinue reading “Communication………A soothing remedy”

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