Anger…..corrosion for mental and physical health

Anger , a natural phenomenon which occurs when things don’t go our way, when we are misunderstood, when we look for perfection everywhere and when the stress of multiple things accumulate. But how many times we have thought of waiting to pass the situation or calm down. I don’t think anybody out of us isContinue reading “Anger…..corrosion for mental and physical health”

Save……water in this time of crises.

Many of us have heard the quote, ‘Save water, Save life’, umpteen times but how many of us actually pay heed towards it. I would like to remind us all that along with social distancing it is our social responsibility to save water desperately. In this time of lock down and social distancing all ofContinue reading “Save……water in this time of crises.”

SILENCE……..A practice to mind our words

Hi friends Words, words and words! so much we speak on day to day basis. The moment we get up we start speaking endlessly. How many times we have thought that what we speak does it have any relevance or not. Over the years we have heard ‘Speech is silver and silence is golden’, butContinue reading “SILENCE……..A practice to mind our words”

Tough times………Blessing in disguise

In today’s time of spread of various viruses we need to make a practice of Social Distancing which is a practice of reducing or stopping close contact between people to avoid infection. It means to limit yourself from crowds and large gatherings. Let us all make efforts to- Avoid group gatherings Avoid crowded retail stores,Continue reading “Tough times………Blessing in disguise”

Father……….a world and a blessing.

Father, the world to us, the one with whom it was all safe, sound and intact, with whom you have all the securities, with whom you have all the blessings and with whom you have all the lovely dream is a figure of God who is always ready to be by your side and whoContinue reading “Father……….a world and a blessing.”

Memories… indispensable part of life

Days pass and each day we are making memories with one another. The people around us, the surroundings and every moment has something to tell. The small children have the world of their own. They cherish every moment and enjoy it fully. The youngsters have the great passion for life and are stressed to achieveContinue reading “Memories… indispensable part of life”

Motivation………A mantra to GET, SET and GO

Hey buddies! Happy Women’s day to all the lovely women out there. I really feel that motivation is a factor which really keeps us going. In order to do our best we put best of our efforts but when the task is not appreciated and acknowleged we literally expect that it should be done so.Continue reading “Motivation………A mantra to GET, SET and GO”

Happiness…….Enjoying every moment of life

Hey friends! Hopes everyone is fine and in good spirits. Let us not forget to enjoy the little moments in the hustle and bustle of life. We need to enjoy the moments which we spend with our children and loved ones. One day we would realise that the time we are spending together are actuallyContinue reading “Happiness…….Enjoying every moment of life”

Making peace with oneself…..a favour

Hey friends! How are you all? Really felt like writing everyday but caught up in the daily chorus and with my son’s board exams. Hopefully will be writing everyday now. I feel and firmly believe that writing gives instant peace and relief. I want to write everyday and share my thoughts with the world. ForContinue reading “Making peace with oneself…..a favour”

Saree love

Saree, undoubtedly, a garment which can be worn on all occasions with grace. This six yard garment gives a rich look if carried properly. Saree love is no longer restricted to western culture and many are now ready to adorn and flaunt this garment with pride. Since time memorial saree has been a love forContinue reading “Saree love”

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