life….an eternal bliss

No matter how often we sulk or how often we crib in day to day life but it will be wise to accept that yes, life…….our life is an eternal bliss. Count the bounties and you will realize that so much comfort is provided and we are taking everything for granted. Our mind has the tendency to get stuck with negative thoughts and de-motivating people. But can’t we just shift our vision and see the better aspect of life. Let’s think for a while of the moments of life we enjoyed thoroughly and felt at peace. If we shift our thought process towards gratitude and thankfulness than I don’t think there will be any room for complaints. Complaining not only steals our joy but also leave us in un-enthusiastic mode and it does not let us enjoy the everyday beauty around. The mind filled with go getter attitude always have a win-win situation but for that we should be ready to track our mind to be in the present moment and avoid to be a pendulum which keep on shifting from past to future and has no existence at-least in the present moment. So, why not to pause and think for a while to be more optimistic and cherish the present moment.

Your thoughts on my thoughts are highly appreciated. Kindly take a moment to revert.

love and gratitude

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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