Remembering my Grand-Father

Since childhood I saw my maternal grandpa whom we called Papajee with affection as a strong and incredible personality. He, with his positive aura and immense energy was our hero. His voice modulation and firmness of authority used to scare us but inside he was really a soft human being . I still remember my childhood when I along-with my parents used to pay him visits. The visits were so frequent that their place became our second home.

Grand-parents are the most affectionate people on the earth we all know . My elder brother and I shared a strong bond with him . Undoubtfully my younger siblings shared the same too but both of us were the more principled ones. We too got the opportunity maximum number of times to be with him . We used to be with him whenever vacations were there. Our parents used to drop us there and we used to have a pampered time there.

My grandma was also a gem of a person who used to cook a lot of food for us . Life with them was just eating food , merry making and so on. I still remember the days when we used to get an everyday treat from a local ice-cream vendor who used to ring a bell on his arrival.

I always saw my Grandfather working . He took his last breath when he was 96. But all those years he had put a lot of hard-work along with his heart and soul. He got retirement from his railway job at the age of 60. He started working voluntarily after 60 and worked till 80 which is highly commendable. After 80 years of age he led a healthy life and at that age he was still able to manage a good life. It was only at the age of 94 he was unable to walk properly and slowed down but his will power and strength remained undeterred. I used to be amazed at times how he managed to do all that. Last year I paid him frequent visits after he suffered a heart attack and doctor’s declared that his heart was just 35% in working condition. He shared his experiences of 1947 India-Pakistan partition and other experiences which were too inspiring and also gave goosebumps. I really felt like saluting him as he was a symbol of values, love and kindness.

I pray to God to give his soul rest and keep us all on the path of wisdom shown by him.


Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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