Our loving Parjai (sister in law in Punjabi language)

Parjai you are a slim beauty

who did her best to do her duty

You are always on the run🤣

and at times gives us much fun

You do your best to feel everyone at home

which motivated me to write this poem

You brought luck and charm to the house

and proved yourself to be a wonderful spouse

No doubt you deserve the best

forget everything and take the rest

We all pray for your good health

May God shower all his wealth

I remember and cherish the memories

forgeting all the un-necessary worries

Our brother is lucky to have

We also pray and thank you

We all wish for all the happiness

and also forget our silly feverishness

May you be spiritually enlightened

and your dreams be always heightened

Praying God for your long and healthy life

to keep all of us on your loving side.

Gratitude and loads of love on your birthday❤😍🌹🎁🎉🌹

love and blessings💕

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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