My Dad….My Hero

Today is my father’s birthday.

Dad, a word which is a world itself and a true reflection of love, care and sublime serenity. Though my dad left for heavenly abode 25 years back but I still feel his presence always around me. There is an unheard and unsaid strength which is always surrounding me at all times. My father was a man of immense politeness and a man of few words. His presence used to say it all. His energy and his aura was so full of love that reflects in his personality. I have always seen him engrossed in gathering knowledge from all the possible and available sources. Though there was no technology at that point of time but he always made sure to keep himself updated. He had various subscriptions of various libraries and was a lover of theatre too. I remember he used to take us to various auditoriums to enjoy the cultural activities, plays and dramas. He had a special love for literature and his collection of books on subjects like Literature and religion was immense. Newspaper was the most reliable source of information at that time and I still remember that he used to keep all the newspapers date-wise above his almirah beautifully and systematically. We would ask the date and we would be able to get the same of that particular date.

He was a born talent. He was born in the family of farmers. It was a huge family of six brothers and three sisters where it was nearly impossible to think of being literate as the parents were not literate enough. But he was a man of strong will power and destined his own ways who did a lot of effort to outshine by doing his best in studies and literally worked a lot and hard. He used to sit under street lamps to study and walk miles and miles to reach the school. His unending thirst to achieve knowledge has given him strength and he was able to do good in studies and kept on working hard to achieve his goals and wanted to be a lecturer. He came to Delhi from Punjab and started his journey by joining as assistant in LIC of India. During his job only he acquired various degrees like law and master’s degrees. In his last days he was working as a Legal Advisor. It is really hard to even imagine that how he did all that with a full time job and hell lot of responsibilities of family and kids. We are four siblings and we had always seen him studying and working hard. I think he did his level best in the time span of his life which he could do. Imagining doing the same is too difficult but I really wish that if I could just be like him even a bit.

We all miss him and will remain doing so till eternity. Love you dad❤


Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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