Live…… at least

At the cost of anything do not give up on yourself. It is obvious that our past haunts us and don’t let us be ourselves. It is equally difficult to forget our bitter experiences as these keep haunting one by one. But I think it is not at all worth to keep on clinging to them. Though this sounds too difficult to follow and generally gives us hard days but what is the point? I feel practicing happy thoughts on daily basis and healthy conversations let us do our best.

Start by thinking of what you actually like. We know everyone like to pamper themselves in one or the other way but we are so engrossed in our negative world and harm ourselves so much that we kill the urge to think optimistically. So, the best way is to start self care and to pamper yourself. This will not only give you confidence but will also help you think in a better way. The people around will carry on their practices but you as wonderful individual love and care yourself first. Once you start feeling good about yourself you will definitely feel good around you. Love, celebrate, laugh, smile, observe, learn and live life to the fullest.

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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