Let’s find ourselves.

As we all listen and say, Life is too short to spend time on grudges and conflicts, but what about the inner conflict which keeps on haunting you when you are actually disturbed by outward forces or circumstances. In order to get yourself heard why one has to go through all the turmoil. Your own near and dear ones are the people who gives you un-necessary disturbance and are not ready to listen. Even the things which should be understood on its own is at times too difficult to be understood. I think the difference lies in one’s mental level and level of understanding. It is observed that the people who bother you in life they don’t leave any stone un-turned to bring you down to their level. The stress robs away your peace and lowers your productivity for sure. So what should be done? What should be practiced and what should be adopted to deal with these kind of people? Day in and day out you are staying and struggling with them. At times I feel it is a real sorry state which literally steals your enthusiasm and throws you in a jungle of mess, doubts, judgements and at times hostility of thoughts and emotions. When I feel the same I realize that I feel like writing, reading, cleaning and doing stuff which gives me joy and liberate me. Anyhow I try to keep myself awake of these situations but at times I do fall pray of these circumstances and react but I feel that it is taking toll on my health. So I try and persuade myself to be a better human being and try not to retaliate and try to act later. The later action has given me good results and I felt that reaction and retaliation made my health worse. So let us all take good care of our mental health by indulging in various activities which provides solace and serenity.

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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