Speak your mind

Speaking what comes in mind is healthy. It saves you not only from disturbance but also saves you from un-necessary stress and anxiety. If you feel that somebody is not behaving in a proper manner then don’t keep thinking of communicating and letting your emotion to vent out but let them vent out rather than sulking and spoiling your mind. This practice not only help yourself to be at peace but also will be helpful in healthy relationships in the long run. No doubt that all of us are everyday rolling in the roller coaster of life. At times. it is felt that in-spite of doing our best we are not given recognition and praise but we should see that let nobody should take us for granted. One more thing which I believe is that if we do not like someone or have ill feeling towards some of the people then the best way is to look at them as a human being, a life, who has come to this planet to serve the purpose of life. Detach yourself from that person as a relationship and treat him\her as a person . In that way I feel we will be able to treat that person without hate because from our relationships we expect a lot and exploit them a lot. So, let’s accept them as a soul and don’t hate them and don’t spoil your own mind for heaven’s sake. To conclude I would like to convey that,’ Save Your Mind At Any Cost.’

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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