Days of togetherness

Purab, my younger son turned 16 on May 3. How all these years passed is truly amazing to remember. I remember when he was just of 21 days we shifted to this house. I also remember those days when I did not keep well and my health did not allow me to take proper care of my younger son. My elder son Keshav was just seven years old and became suddenly mature with the arrival of his younger brother. Today I feel that I could have spent some more time with them as I used to be busy in the hustle and bustle of life. Time flew and today I remember all those days of togetherness of fun and frolic, of scolding and love. I remember the school days were quite hectic and then I used to think that they should grow up soon. But today I feel that why they grew up so soon. Anyhow I think we should have been given good parenting tips which could have helped us to be a better parent. I think it should be made a part of the curriculum to help children how to handle small children, how to help them grow emotionally, physically and mentally strong children. Many things I did not even know when my kids were small and I feel that if I would have known at that point of time I would have helped them to be the better children. So we should always read good books, meet good and inspiring people, keep on gathering knowledge so that we can utilise that at the right time by not repenting later on. The most important thing I feel that we should follow is our instinct rather than be carried away by other people. Following other’s advise blindly is the most foolish thing to be done. So go ahead, work on yourself, listen to your instinct and help your children grow as a happy child.

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

4 thoughts on “Days of togetherness

  1. Lvly… but why repent… whatever happened, happened for good… whatever is happening that too divines blessings… keep witnessing n growing as guru sahibaan says Hukme ander sab ko bhaar hukum na koi… so what went by was his hukum… what’s present is his hukum too… let’s not forget whatever may or are the circumstances our kids r real gems of divine.. truly submissive n humble… let’s keep thanking divine n keep moving in his Raza N shine like his Supr starzz… luv n gratitude ❤️🙏


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