Learn to listen please….

Really difficult to follow this line! isn’t it?

But somewhere down the line we deeply think and try to make out then we understand that it is equally important to Listen and must first give a patient ear. This is too difficult to be done but let me assure you it is not impossible. How many times we listen patiently? The answer is certainly doubtful because we know that rather than listening we impatiently wait for our turn to respond feverishly without thinking and interrupting the other person.

Listening is a virtue, always remember. Can we practice it from today? The worst sufferers of this problem are our own children whom we take for granted as we think that they are our property and are born to listen. We inadvertently give them shocks by imposing ourselves on them and by not listening to them. I am not saying that they are always right but atleast first of all can we sit down for a while and give a patient ear. May be in that conversation we might catch up and see an important point which they are trying to convey. So by being rigid we are not only closing the doors of understanding but we are shutting ourselves of new ideas, beliefs and at times beautiful conversation.

Think of this and try to be a blissful listener and you will realise that you have opened the windows of your mind which were being shut since time immemorial.

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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