Change begets creativity

It is a proven fact that the moment we are calm and composed we tend to make something beautiful which is at times surprising for ourselves too. Creativity, as far as I am concerned and feel is the basic thirst for one’s feelings to be poured out. The stress handling tool can be named the term Creativity. But I feel we are born creative creatures which comes from nature. Mothers, as we see since the child is born use creative ideas so that they can introduce their child to the new world which should be far better as she had been introduced to. Every designer want to use and create a master piece like Mona Lisa which was created centuries ago. Every writer want to write a piece of writing which is not written by anyone in the past. So, all these instances show that in order to bring something new to their loved ones and to the world a change is tried to be introduced which ultimately brings a change and which definitely begets a creative version of any thing introduced. But it is not at all wrong to say that this creativity changes the human perspective and help him or her come in contact with a new world, new belief, new vision and a new and beautiful creation.

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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