Guru Hargobind sahib…..Sixth master of sikhs

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Guru Hargobind singh ji was conferred Guruship today in the year 1606.

As the sixth guru, Guru HarGobind Ji occupies a special place in the history of the Sikhs because he gave new direction to the future of Sikhism after Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s martyrdom.

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The concept of Miri and Piri (the temporal and the spiritual) was introduced by him which was only after the martyrdom of Guru Arjan when it became all too clear that a defensive military stance might be required to bring justice to people.

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Injustice, oppression, and exploitation were the order of the day. Guru HarGobind Singh Ji used the power of worship and the power of the sword to fight this oppression.

Several efforts were made on the life of HarGobind, even in his infancy. A snake-charmer was bribed to let a poisonous snake loose onto him, but the young Guru overpowered it.

Guru Ji was born on June 19, 1595 to Mata Ganga Ji and Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji in the village of Guru Ki Wadali within the Amritsar District. He was only 11 years old when his father, Guru Arjan Dev Ji, was martyred. Guru Arjan had been jailed, fined, and tortured while under arrest as per Jahangir’s orders.

Contrary to the prevalent Hindu and Muslim traditions where the new ruler was donned with a sword (as a symbol of his role as the ruler of the state) Guru Ji asked to be donned with two swords, and explained that one signified his temporal power and the other his spiritual power.

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In this way, Guru HarGobind clearly separated religion and politics.

According to the chronicles, Guru Arjan Dev Ji and Mata Ganga Ji did not have a child for a long time. Mata Ganga Ji went to seek the blessings of Baba Budha Ji for an offspring. Baba Budha Ji told her that she would give birth, but to an extraordinarily chivalrous son. Shortly after that, HarGobind was born.

As the sixth guru, Guru HarGobind Ji issued many edicts.

  1. He set up an army, acquired arms and horses, hoisted the Sikh flag.
  2. He ordered the construction of an exceptionally large and thundering drum called the nagara, which was used to gather the people for announcements.
  3. In 1663 he assigned the task of building the Akal Takht in front of the GOLDEN TEMPLE to two of his most trusted devotees.
  4. On this platform, seated with all the regal adornments of a Mughal or Hindu ruler, he listened to the woes and complaints of the people and gave orders.

Upon realizing his scheme to harm Guru Ji had gone awry, Chandu Shah grew fearful of the developing friendship between the Guru and the Emperor. Chandu Shah played on an illness of Jahangir and had the court astrologers falsely predict that only a holy man praying at a shrine at Gwalior Fort for a lengthy time could save the Emperor’s health.

Moved by jealousy and superstition, Jahangir thus ordered the Guru to be imprisoned at the Gwalior fort (other versions have the Guru volunteering to undertake the task).

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The famous Muslim, Pir Hazrat Mian Mir was among those who reminded Jahangir, who had long since gotten over his illness and had seemingly forgotten about the Guru’s confinement in the Fort, to release the Guru. The Guru’s immediate release was ordered, but Guru Ji refused to leave the fort unless the 52 Princes who had long languished under confinement at the fort were released as well.

Jahangir agreed with the Guru’s request to take the princes to freedom, as long as he could hold onto the Guru’s clothing. Guru Ji had his tailor prepare a coat with 52 ribands and left the fort with the 52 rulers trailing behind him, each holding onto a piece of the Guru’s coat. That is why Guru Ji is referred to as the Liberator (Bandi-Chorh) in history.

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Bandi Chorh Divas is celebrated in honor of the day.

When the Guru Ji reached Amritsar, his Sikhs lit lamps to welcome him. His arrival coincided with the traditional Indian festival of Diwali. Since then, the festival of Diwali (lighting of lamps) is celebrated as Bandi-Chorh Diwas by Sikhs.

Guru HarGobind Ji carried the same light of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and he added to it the luster of the sword.


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