My Mother

My mother is a divine’s gift, with whom I usually have a rift. for not giving me wanted independence, which was actually a transcendence she always acted in strict ways, which often gave me hard days. so difficult were her ways to be understood, during the period of childhood. As the time passed I realised, […]

My Mother — Prabhjot Seth

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

2 thoughts on “My Mother

  1. वो माता हैं धरा हमारी
    जिसने हमको जन्म दिया
    ऊगली पकड़ चलना सिखाया
    सबसे लड़ी हमारे लिए यहां।।

    लहू दूध में बदला उसने
    शरीर मे दौड़ रहा यहां
    आज कर्ज चुकाना हमको
    मा बुजुर्ग हुई यहां।।

    जैसे सम्भाला उन्होंने हमको
    वैसे सम्भालना उन्हें यहां
    पल पल रखना ख्याल हमको
    जैसे उन्होंने था रखा वहाँ।।

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