Do not practice deception, even inadvertently. (Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji)

How many times we have heard of not following deception and how many times we have practiced it? These two questions if given attention and considered carefully would have changed the World’s scenario and the planet would have been a beautiful place to live in. In order to prove this right and in order to receive favours we see everyday that people use this term called deception. Deceiving somebody on the pretext of getting favours and benefits would give us gain but in short term and if we think in long run it would surely provide guilt and low self esteem. I think the major cause behind all this is the lack of belongingness. Have you ever thought of deceiving your own kith and kin? why? because you know that they are your own. you cannot even think of deceiving. Yes, of course exceptions are always there. The universe has the great capacity to shower blessings and everyday each every human being is getting whatever is required but still our greed need to hoard more and more. If we keep on practicing it we will be caught in the cobweb. To get out of it is not only difficult but also entangling. Once your are entangled in this cobweb, it will get on deeper and deeper and would leave no hope. So let us practice ways to get rid of this evil and by being aware and by practicing everyday little by little so that we can give rise to a deception free nation and thereby giving our contribution towards the world full of love and compassion.


Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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