Save……water in this time of crises.

Many of us have heard the quote, ‘Save water, Save life’, umpteen times but how many of us actually pay heed towards it. I would like to remind us all that along with social distancing it is our social responsibility to save water desperately. In this time of lock down and social distancing all of us are busy in hygiene and washing hands. I am sure during this time most of the households are involved in strenuous cleaning practices. It is the same time when we are entering from one season to the other. The woolens are needed to be packed up and summer stuff will be acquiring our wardrobes. So I would like to draw our kind attention to the kind of pressure we put on our water system. Lets not give birth to other crises…i.e. water crises after we are through with Covid-19. So, in order to not to get another disaster of water scarcity, lets take few generous steps:

Avoid washing machines for less clothes.

Avoid running water while washing hand.

Avoid running water while brushing teeth.

Avoid running water while doing the dishes.

Try to minimise water wastage while flushing.

Use the rinsed water after washing the vegetables or grains etc. to water the plants.

Use the rinsed water to mop the floor or wash the yard.

Discourage use of dish washer with less load.

So, Friends there are lot of things and ways in which we can put our effort and practice ways to save WATER

So, to avoid another crises of water shortage let us join hands and respect nature for providing for our basic necessities like water, air ,sun, for free.

Kindly do share your ways to save water to make this planet less loaded with crises and more filled with love, awareness and compassion.

Stay blessed and AWARE.

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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