SILENCE……..A practice to mind our words

Hi friends

Words, words and words! so much we speak on day to day basis. The moment we get up we start speaking endlessly. How many times we have thought that what we speak does it have any relevance or not. Over the years we have heard ‘Speech is silver and silence is golden’, but how many of us has paid any heed to the same. Are these proverbs meant to be in the books only or we have ever given a thought to practice the same.

Silence programs are also organised by some organisations. These are of great benefit to attend. They let you practice silence for three days. On fourth day when you come out of silence you realise that how the process has saved your innate energy and leaves you more rejuvenated. I have attended silence program which was organised by ART OF LIVING ORGANISATION many times and the experience is beyond words. I really want that everyone should attend this course at least once a year.

Silence has the power to extract the immense skills out of your personality. Many great saints over the years tried to prove the importance of silence.The ones who have practiced only they would be able to reap the benefits . If we analyse our day to day activity, specifically about speaking we would realise that 80% of stuff that we speak carries too less relevance like-

We call friends and gossip un-necessarily.

We shout on children to bring them under discipline.

We argue with people on petty issues.

We give un-necessary advice and suggestions.

So, let us try and make a point to be aware of circumstances where we can adopt silence. Un-necessary speaking not only wastes our energy but also let us waste our precious time.

So, why not try to practice silence for few minutes on day to day basis?

So dear friends let’s practice the same and experience ourselves that how we are getting benefited and how can we get rid of un-necessary speaking.

Hope you all agree. Please do give your suggestions.


Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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