Father……….a world and a blessing.

My dad………………My inspiration

Father, the world to us, the one with whom it was all safe, sound and intact, with whom you have all the securities, with whom you have all the blessings and with whom you have all the lovely dream is a figure of God who is always ready to be by your side and who is always there to give you joy and take away all the pains and sorrows of your life. I am sure everyone out there has the same feeling for their dads. My dad was a person of immense love, dedication and hard work.

My childhood pic with mom and dad on my birthday

Today is my father’s 25th death anniversary and no day has passed without missing him. He was a very calm and gentle personality. He was in his 50s when he was diagnosed with kidney failure and in three months only his health deteriorated and he could not survive. It was a tough time for us. We are two brothers and two sisters. We were just out of college at that time. Seeing my father suffering was the painful experience. Nothing worst can happen to me. I have always seen my father working extremely hard. During that time there was no technology and proper means of transportation like metro.The cars were the luxury at that point of time.He used to travel in public transport. Apart from his regular job as a legal advisor he used to study a lot. He was a village guy who belonged to Punjab and a big family of six brothers and three sisters.

My mom, dad and younger sis attending my cousins wedding.

My father from his family was the one who was able to study and stood as a successful man. He completed his education under very harsh circumstances and did his higher studies after marriage along with his job. He was too talented and was a treasure house qualities. He used to sing well, write well and was having great skills of communication. Most of my qualities are my dads gift. I really even fail to imagine the kind of hard work he used to put. But all that has taken a toll on his health. We lost a gem of our family and till today we are not able to make up with great loss. Lucky are those who have their fathers by their side. I see people with their fathers getting old which is a dream for me.

I really want to say to all the lovely people out there that if you are blessed with father then love him, hug him, understand him, listen to him, talk to him before it is too late.

Miss you dad always.

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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