Memories… indispensable part of life

Days pass and each day we are making memories with one another. The people around us, the surroundings and every moment has something to tell. The small children have the world of their own. They cherish every moment and enjoy it fully. The youngsters have the great passion for life and are stressed to achieve the very best in their life. People in their middle age start realizing that they have taken their life for granted and want to regain their health which they have ignored over the years. Old age comes with its own problems which is but natural.These all phases are highly affected by the surroundings. If we are surrounded by enthusiastic people, we tend to have that kind of attitude. In order to nourish our thoughts we need to be extremely peculiar about our company and surroundings. Our thoughts, which will soon become our action, will help us to shape our lives as these actions over the time will be the part of our habit.

So, let us do our bit to choose wise company, Let us learn to be in the company of happy people, let us learn new things everyday and let us shape best of our destiny.

So, lets spend time together keeping in mind that these moments of togetherness will be the part of our memory after few years. Therefore friends, lets make beautiful, loving and blissful memories together.


Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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