Happiness…….Enjoying every moment of life

Hey friends! Hopes everyone is fine and in good spirits.

Let us not forget to enjoy the little moments in the hustle and bustle of life. We need to enjoy the moments which we spend with our children and loved ones. One day we would realise that the time we are spending together are actually the precious memories we are creating with each other. Each one of us have a special ability and no one is perfect in this world. You must have realised that though brothers and sisters they stay together under the supervision of their parents but each one of them has a distinct taste and very very different point of view.

Happiness for me is spending time with my childhood friend, shopping, watching movies and exploring latest trends in the market. I also enjoy my special love for collecting nice and cute things. My latest cute shopping was from Surajkund fair(mela) from where I brought woven baskets from the state of Assam, spectacle holder and table cloth from the special stall of BSF, Jute bag and shawl from Nagaland stall and the list is endless. I literally enjoy shopping in these kind of fairs as I am able to get a collection of various states in one place.

A special sweet dish called Jaleba

We need to find happiness in our daily life and need to realise what keeps us happy. It is truly said that whatever we keep our focus on that grows so why not to enjoy the moments of togetherness with each other and share the beautiful moments of togetherness.

So, friends never ever miss any opportunity to be with friends as they are the best source of positive energy and treasure house of enjoyment and happiness, So, for me happiness is enjoying every moment especially with friends.

What is happiness to you? Please do write.😍


Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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