Making peace with oneself…..a favour

Hey friends! How are you all? Really felt like writing everyday but caught up in the daily chorus and with my son’s board exams. Hopefully will be writing everyday now.

I feel and firmly believe that writing gives instant peace and relief. I want to write everyday and share my thoughts with the world. For oneself making peace with oneself is extremely important. If we will not practice than we will hamper our productivity. So in order to work to our full potential we need to make efforts to maintain a healthy and peaceful environment, Here are few tips to do the same which can help positively.

  1. Getting up little earlier in the morning than your usual time which will help you to spend some time with yourself.
  2. Utilizing that time of the morning by sitting with your eyes closed and by planning your daily routine mentally.
  3. Spending these morning precious minutes to work on yourself will give you better ideas to perform.
  4. Introspecting yourself to be more productive.
  5. keeping your energy on positive aspects of life.
  6. Managing your thoughts.
  7. Adopting a practice by following your passion ( For instance cooking, housekeeping, reading or writing)
  8. Appreciating people around you will boost your energy as well.
  9. Avoiding unnecessary and unhealthy criticism.
  10. Ignoring unhealthy remarks from people around you.
  11. Lending a helping hand.
  12. Enjoying a chat with your friend and remember to keep it healthy.
  13. Sharing your earnings with less fortunate ones like maids, servants, vegetable vendors, rickshaw pullers, gatekeepers, security guards etc. As they are the most useful members of our society and their hard work is often neglected by us all.
  14. Being loyal to your work. Always work more than expected and you will realise that the universe has its own way of reciprocating to your actions.
  15. Working honestly and whole heartedly definitely pays in the long run.
  16. Uplifting someone’s state of mind.
  17. Practicing silence for few minutes everyday.

So, friends these were some of the tips which I have practiced over the years and realized that these definitely worked and helped me to achieve my best potential. I am still practicing and working a lot to be with my morning hour which I generally start by meditating.

What is your personal tip to be a more peaceful person? Please do share and enlighten.


Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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