Saree love

#Me with my childhood bestie

Saree, undoubtedly, a garment which can be worn on all occasions with grace. This six yard garment gives a rich look if carried properly. Saree love is no longer restricted to western culture and many are now ready to adorn and flaunt this garment with pride. Since time memorial saree has been a love for many. Generations pass on this love from one to another. Silk sarees are something which we inherit from our mothers that not only attach sentiments with it but also adds grace to one’s personality.

My all sarees are from my mother’s wardrobe who herself was a teacher and great saree lover. Her wardrobe was full of sarees from silk to cotton of vivid variety, traditionally enriched and above all beautifully maintained with utmost care.

The sarees of my mom are now extensively used by me with pride. The collection is so strong that no saree of her goes without a compliment. I surely want to keep this tradition alive and continue to wrap this six yard garment with exuberance and joy.

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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