Self awareness………A great initiative

Hey friends!! Really felt like writing about self awareness as in today’s world we are so busy in competing with each other that we often forget to pay attention to ourselves. It is equally important to master our life and take care of our mental hygiene. Now a days with technology in hand it is too easy to be carried away by the people’s point of view. But what about our point of view? Do we really know that where we are heading? Lets be frank by admitting that we are a part of the rat race whereby we are following t the society but how many of us have actually thought to be useful for the society.

First and foremost thing we need to do is to learn self control. Self control help us to accomplish the task in a peaceful manner. Once you are peaceful you will understand that how people perceive you. Your attitude and your way of responding help people understand about your temperament. We strictly need to be aware that under what conditions we loose our temper. Are we loosing our temper on petty things ? Let me remind you then nobody is perfect in this world. Each one of us in this planet is special and therefore carries a specific attribute. We need to introspect vividly what is that which makes us actually unhappy. If we are tensed by day to day situations then I am sorry to say that this will go on and on everyday. Fuming and fretting will be of no help.

When my children were small I literally used to have lot of arguments with them as I wanted them to do everything perfectly. I really paid no heed towards that they are in their learning stage and it is okay to make mistakes. Being a disciplinarian I kept on imposing discipline on them and forgot to enjoy the innocence with them. I do not hesitate to admit that I too had a tough childhood and there were lot of expectations from me too. So I did the same with my children specifically with the elder one. Obviously that was done unintentionally but it happened. But slowly and gradually after attending motivational workshops through Art of Living organisation, reading self help books and getting involved with the slum children by teaching them and sharing knowledge with them things changed. With my second child I gradually learnt to handle things differently as I became more aware about myself.

It will be much better for us to read something good on daily basis. We need to keep a watch on our thoughts and emotions. Self help literally help us to learn self regulation. If we are not aware about our own self then many a times it leads to lose of focus and balance. It will also add to utter confusion, delay and non-achievement of goals. So if we train our mind from time to time then we can master our tasks with sincerity and awareness. Putting our whole hearted awareness alongwith dedication to the task will help us to be poised. This way we will be able to rid ourselves of the negative emotions and will be able to make peace with ourselves. So, self-introspection should be done on a daily basis so that we can come out of our rigid attitude and start accepting the people around us with love and understanding.

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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