My students…… stressbusters

Hi! really wanted to continue my previous blog in which I wrote about ‘Student’s Love‘.

As I already wrote that students love their teachers and in order to prove themselves they try to perform their best if motivated and given right guidance at the right time. At the same time they help us to learn lot of things by being inquisitive in their approach which further motivates the teacher to share best of the knowledge. But it is really necessary to come down to the level of the child as everytime our lecture method does not work and cannot be applied to every child.

My class always started with some deep breathing exercises along with little stretching exercises which automatically gave my students a new boost to start for the new subject. While doing so children talked and shared their experiences about how they felt after few deep and long breaths. This was further followed by planning their day well in advance.

This whole process hardly takes five minutes but it gives my students the mental clarity of what they are going to accomplish ahead during the day . This not only rejuvenates them but also energises me as I feel that slowly and gradually students will adopt this routine and it will be beneficial for them in the long run.

I really felt delighted when they themselves volunteered and started saying,”Mam, can we start deep breaths?” This gave me a great sigh of relief as it gave me the feeling that I was able to inculcate in them the habit of mental hygiene even if it was a little bit.

It is very very important to spend some time everyday with the students and talk to them about what is going on in their minds as growing children need to vent out their unnecessary expectations and that can be done through classroom discussions. I am a firm believer that classroom is the best platform for the children to grow, to express, to share and to put their opinions forward. This not only relieved them but also helped me to interact with them on day to day basis, As nowhere we are taught how to manage the emotions and by doing some simple things alongwith my students enable them to improve their capacity and augment their overall personality.

In the process it is not only the students who get the benefit but also I feel relaxed, calmed and with poise I can handle day to day situations. There is nothing more relaxing than watching your students shining and smiling with confidence which reflects their inner peace as well as mine.

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

2 thoughts on “My students…… stressbusters

  1. It’s really very nice to share your experiences and ways which can be helpful in maintaining better student-teacher bonding.It feels great to have an adorable and understanding guide like you. Happy to get connected to you once again. Not only the children but we too miss you a lot.


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