There are certain reasons which make us unhappy. These are lack of awareness, lack of belongingness & lack of creativity.

A – Awareness

All of us have realized that when we do not perform our task carefully, that is, when we are not aware we tend to make mistakes. If we are aware then we can perform better & gradually we become more efficient by indulging in the task by giving our 100% which results in true happiness.

B – Belongingness

When we do not care for each other & take others for granted then we create distance between us & others. This, at times, becomes stressful. So, when we come out of our comfort zone & help each other, belongingness increases which results in beautiful bonding amongst people.

C – Creativity

We all have realized that when we create something new we feel happy as it gives us satisfaction & at the same time we are proud of our own creation. This gives us immense pleasure & joy.

So, if we remain enlightened towards ABC OF HAPPINESS it is assured that we will come up with flying colours as happy minds bring happy results.

Published by Prabhjot Seth

Worked as facilitator with various schools in Delhi.

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